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Trump Foreign Policy: There is Nothing Unusual or Illegal or Impeachable…

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When possible, find the observations of experts. So, no journalists. Instead, we have the comments of a “former denizen of the Foggy Bottom Swamp, one who used to swim and crawl with all them swamp creatures.” They say Trump did nothing wrong.

What you saw were a couple of career dips–neither of whom I know personally–whining a familiar whine that one can hear echoing in the halls of Foggy Bottom and just about anywhere else where “PROFESSIONAL” civil servants congregate. What is it? Simple: THEY are not paying attention to us!

Couple (or is it throuple?) that with the lefts obsessive desire to remove Trump, so a Democrat has a chance at winning in 2020, and it’s a match made in hell.

You saw Ambassador Taylor and Deputy Assistant Secretary Kent all in a knot because the President had an “irregular” channel he used to conduct foreign policy in Ukraine. Wow! I didn’t realize that we had elected Taylor and Kent!

The current path to “justice” is ignoring the actual transcript of the call – which the whistleblower acknowledges as accurate, and working off interview transcripts of people who were not on the call (or near it) telling us how the idea of the call made them feel. Ask yourself, is this the way you want criminal or civil investigations or your justice system to work?

Let me put it in nice simple terms so that the Swamp Beings will understand: The President sets and conducts foreign policy, not State, not the NSC, not the DOD, not any other alphabet agency. He does not have to go through State or NSC to conduct said policy; he does not have to consult with Kent or Taylor or anybody else on Ukraine or any other aspect of foreign policy.

We are told that this is neither new or unique to Trump. Every president has used “irregular” paths of diplomacy, and there is nothing unusual, unethical, or illegal about it.

But Democrats are running out of paths to impeachment. Collusion collapsed because it was a lie. Obstruction had no chance because there was no collusion. Mueller failed miserably – including his real job, keep some investigation into something going forever. And now their case hinges on a phone call and the testimony of people who were not on the call.

Except for the original whistleblower. He was on the call but he says the transcript is accurate and now refuses to testify; because he’ll get eaten alive for false claims and collusion with Schiff and others to fabricate this desperate sham.

Trump knows it. Democrats know it. Even the Swamp knows it. But the circus continues.

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