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Decision making without a grasp of the impact

Some Founders’ Examples

Here are some founders’ examples. They did not just talk the talk. They walked the walk. The founders had the vision to create a new system of government. It was something never seen before in world history. They built a nation. They separated from the unjust rule of England and went to something more and …

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American flag cracks

Shaking our Faith in the “American creed”

Watching TV this weekend, the contrasts could not have been more shocking to the human conscience. Hoodlum anarchist Gen-Z’ers and Millennials looting and rioting across America in supposed “protest” to the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis on one hand.

Why liberty?

There are a few ways to answer the question: Why liberty? There is, of course, Jefferson’s answer: That everyone is born with a right to liberty is self-evident.  Not as in ‘obvious’, but as in ‘requiring no justification’.

The J’s have it

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a couple of things that John F. Kennedy said.  The first is: Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. I’m reminded of this whenever people (increasingly) talk about the possibility of, and even the ‘need for’, some kind of civil war in the United …

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