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Gender Identity Guidance

The Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination has issued a draft document titled “Gender Identity Guidance” that could cause trouble for churches in the Bay State. Dustin Siggins explains the issue as we explore the ramifications for free speech and religious freedom.  

White Tower Feminists Study The Sex of Glaciers

You don’t have enough absurd things in your political tool chest so we’re here to help. Did you know that White-Tower feminists are researching the gender of glaciers? As in the sex of glaciers. No, I’m not kidding.    

The House Passed It, Now Look At What’s In It

I hope Rath Young Pignatelli, Shaheen and Gordon, and all the other leftward Lawyerly types are prepared for a shot of mandatory diversity.  Those democrat congressmen from New Hampshire they like to donate to—so the government can make more law for lawyers to lawyer over—just passed more than a financial regulations bill when they voted …

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