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The House Passed It, Now Look At What’s In It

I Brought Hash-Brownies for LaterI hope Rath Young Pignatelli, Shaheen and Gordon, and all the other leftward Lawyerly types are prepared for a shot of mandatory diversity.  Those democrat congressmen from New Hampshire they like to donate to—so the government can make more law for lawyers to lawyer over—just passed more than a financial regulations bill when they voted for the Dodd-Frank financial regulation bill.  They passed mandatory race and gender diversity requirements for everyone who touches anything near the financial industry.


Buried deep inside the forest clearing pages lay provisions mandating that all financial institutions, investment banking firms, mortgage banking firms, asset management firms, brokers, dealers, financial services entities, underwriters, accountants, investment consultants and providers of legal services (for any and all of the above) who have or do business with the federal government or for firms doing business with the federal government on government business, must meet race and gender employment ratios.

Gender ratios?  That could be a problem.  Gender’s been on a bit of a bender lately.  How are these institutions supposed to guess how many GBLT folks to hire without breaking federal hiring laws? 

And can the twenty new bureaucracies this bill creates (all offices of Women and Minority Inclusion) staffed with overpaid public sector union slugs with reams of fresh regulations solve this man caused disaster?  Don’t bet on it.  Looks like another lawsuit machine to me.

And what about all those financial institutions that donate to Paul Hodes; Goldman, Citi, FMR, I bet they’ll be so excited about all the new costs–the hiring and firing, the training, the legal fees, the color charts.

I think the best part has to be that the knuckleheads from New Hampshire probably never knew these provisions were even in there. But then that’s what you get when you have to pass legislation to know what’s in it.