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Gambling with Our People

by Cornerstone Attorney, Christopher Jay, Esq The New Hampshire legislature is contemplating HB 480 which would legalize sports betting in the Granite State. Why shouldn’t we just legalize and regulate expanded gambling? After all, New Hampshire has had a lottery for years, generating revenue for the state. People are going to bet on sports anyway, …

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GrokTALK! – GOP It’s Hard to Know Ya!

We talk Jaspercrats on the House Judiciary Committee (hello! primary); NH RNC Committeemen (and women) actively undermining the Republican party platform; and the Republican House passed a bill to harpoon local transparency this week. We also spend some time on the casinos, the Hoell amendment, and other stabs at liberty with regard to gambling.  

Casino Bill was Defeated by Large Margin, 199-164 [Updated and Bumped]

From Spec Bowers… Casino bill was defeated by large margin, 199-164. I thought it would be close. I thought it would be closer as well but gambling is one of those issues that has broad bi-partisan opposition.    There are factions on the left that are hard core progressive wellsprings that oppose gambling as if they …

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Gambling Addiction

From the Granite State Coalition Against Expanded Gambling… The “no proof” meme was laid to completely rest yesterday at hearings before the community impacts subcommittee of the House special joint SB152 committee. Here is the Nashua Telegraph’s story on these hearings. Dr. Rachel Volberg, the world’s most widely published gambling addiction expert, presented the most …

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