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which side are you on

Which Side Are You On

Asking which side are you on is happening with greater frequency? Marco Rubio gave a speech at the Catholic University of America in early November. He made the case for a “common good capitalism” that looks on markets in the light of Catholic social thought. “We must remember that our nation does not exist to …

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Government Spending Reform

The issue Higher taxes are not the solution to our out-of-control spending. Taxes are over $3 trillion this year. Our deficit will be over $1 trillion. Raising all taxes by one third only allows us to balance the budget. How ugly is that? It would not allow us to put a dent in our debt. …

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Do Good Dems Have to Pass a Color Litmus Test?

What happened to the executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)? Well, it is now more appropriate to say former DCCC executive director. Allison Jaslow was forced to resign from her position Monday, because she’s white. Who is Allison Jaslow? Jaslow is an Iraq War veteran. She attended an all staff meeting on …

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Why Does That Make Sense?

President Trump spoke at the Teen Student Action Summit. In doing so he shows his commitment to the youth of America. Trump made an appearance at the four-day conference for high school conservatives. The gathering was organized by Turning Point USA. The organizer, Charlie Kirk, said in a video posted to twitter, “We have people …

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American Federal Character

Americans should contemplate the under appreciated federal aspect of independence. We obsess about the size and strength of the national government. But it was our ancestors’ desire to govern themselves. They contemplated doing it in legislative bodies much closer than the British Parliament. That brought about the Declaration of Independence. How we got here… Have we …

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Recovering from Obamacare

During a Fox News interview HHS Secretary Azar claimed that “every single promise” of Obamacare was broken throughout the policy’s implementation . The former president received Politifact’s “Lie of the Year” award for his promotional efforts. He got that award for promising that Americans would be able to keep their doctor under the ACA. Slick …

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