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The Interviews – Week Ending 3-17-2018

This week our guests include CNHT chairman Ed Naile, Daren Bakst from the Heritage Institute, Pro-Life activist Ellen Kolb, and Kimberly Morin. On topics from the Second Amendment, liberal malfeasance, water rights, free speech, and compelled speech. Visit the original blog post for more ways to listen.  

The Interviews – Week Ending 2-17-2018

Another week, another great list of guests, all together in one convenient podcast. This week: Ellen Kolb, Kimberly Morin, Susan Olsen, Elliot Axelman, Raheel Raza, and Skip Murphy. Original post page here – where you can find more ways to listen

Speech and Censorship

We talk about our bread and butter – free speech and how we’re better at allowing it and protecting it than our progressive friends.  

April 9th, 2016 Podcast

Anika Smith joins us talk about the raid on David Daleiden’s home and the seizure of unreleased Planned Parenthood videos. We speak with Avi Melamed, an independent intelligence analyst and expert on the Middle east. This weeks guest host is Ellen Kolb. And, former CD-2 candidate Jim Lawrence calls in with some promising news.

And Then There Was GrokTALK!

We flashback to April 2013 and our first broadcast from Concord. Our guests are Kevin Bloom (on hemp and beer), Former State Senator Gary Lambert (on the GOP), and Life advocate Ellen Kolb (On Gosnell, Planned Parenthood, and the Life movement.)  

An All New GrokTALK!

Welcome back GrokTALK! This week we talk to Activist Kevin Bloom about both the nano-brewery and Industrial Hemp bills working their way through the New Hampshire Legislature. We sit down with former State Senator Gary Lambert to discuss the GOP Autopsy report. And Ellen Kolb joins us to talk about Life, Religious Liberty and the …

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