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An End To Presidential Term Limits?

“How come liberals never admit that they’re liberal? They’ve now come up with a new word called ‘progressive,’ which I thought was an insurance company but apparently it’s a label.” —Marco Rubio  Obstinate continuance in a particular course of action despite ongoing and continued opposition encapsulates the very definition of Persistence. Such is the case of …

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Notable Quote: Hayek On Collectivist Doctrine

“…the paradox of all collectivist doctrine and its demand for ‘conscious’ control or ‘conscious’ planning is that they necessarily lead to the demand that the mind of some individual should rule supreme” – FA Hayek    

Notable Quote: Stages Towards Planning

“The belief is becoming more and more widespread that, if things are to get done, the responsible authorities must be freed from the fetters of democratic procedure. The cry for an economic dictator is a characteristic stage in the movement toward planning…” –FA Hayek      

A would-be dictator

I swear. We’ve got a Presidency that is descending into a parody of a South American caudillo bidding for permanent power. Obama has put into operation a “public enemies list” where the President attacks wealthy donors to the Romney campaign. It serves to intimidate those people from donating any more, and it warns others who …

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