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Proper Aspirations Under the Constitution

Americans can ask no more from their federal government than what they find in the constitution. This is the crux of the differences in our society today. The Marxists demand government control everything. Conservatives say no, that is not America’s system of government.

Biden admits his court packing position

Politics is for Congress not SCOTUS

Judge Barrett is beginning to look too clean for the usual attacks. The Socialists masquerading as Democrats’ have tried slinging mud to negligible effect. All they are doing is making themselves appear mean, hate-filled, and petty.

The Working Man

From The Working Man to Champagne Socialists

In 1960 the Democrat party was called the party of “the working man.” The party historically claims to stand for the little guy. Today, however, Democrats would no longer recognize a working man if they saw one on the street. Today’s Democrats are champagne socialists.


Notable Quote – “…of the Progressive Era were its greatest failures”

[Progressives of the 1930s] were determined that their vision of the managed economy should take precedence in all areas of life. Although they purported to have great sophistication on economic and social matters, their understanding of those matters was primitive, and their disdain for the evident signs of social improvement colored their vision of the …

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