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Rain Photo by reza shayestehpour on Unsplash

Getting the Rain Straight (Almost*).

In the interest of setting the record straight, we need to issue a correction. It rained a lot around here this summer, so I went about the usual task of exposing false drought fears and reporting on rainfall totals. But something wasn’t adding up.

Drought and rain

I Know What I’m Saying So Don’t Drought Me!

The Climate Cult’s drought narrative has dried up in recent weeks. That fearmongering has been washed out by (of all things) rain. We’ve nearly reached the annual rainfall total in July, and that means it is time for the narrative mills to fearmonger something else.


ALL Socialists are Totalitarians…

Treehugger has been a fountain of Leftist Collective thought for years, hidden under the guise of “Sustainability” and “Environmentalism.” It’s been fun (and rather easy) to throw pointed rhetorical sticks at said denizens. Why?

Electric car charging

A Reality Check For Electric Vehicles in the Real America

Electric Vehicles (EVs) have always been a boutique item for well-to-do virtue signalers. Even with gobs of taxpayer-backed incentives (the well-to-do take but don’t need), most EV’s still too expensive for average Americans. But the Left is obsessed, and while that’s bad for you, this might be worse.