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Bishop - Victory Lap - The Beast

Abuse of Horsepower 2: Victory Lap

Compared to his so-called rivals, Trump is on a roll, with or without ‘The Beast.” Wherever he goes he draws Yuuge crowds and a warm reception, even, or was that especially, in Bakersfield, CA. Timothy Bishop’s cartoon captures the ‘race’:

Ben Garrison - Democrat crazy loser slots

In Vegas, Don’t Bet On The Democrat Slots!

Your 100% certain Lose-lose-lose-lose-lose-lose bet is with this crowd: You can imagine Trump standing on stage saying “Do ya feel lucky? Well do ya? You’ve got nothing to lose by voting for me!”

Genghis Gary’s Horsemen

Democrat Voter Score Card

Over at American Thinker, Genghis Gary expertly breaks down the choice for Democrat voters this bleak Tuesday morning in NH: Pete will steal your guns Liz will steal your money Joe will steal the truth (and anything you wrote) Bernie will steal your freedom It just doesn’t get any better than this!  

Dastardly Denizens Of Maxine’s Deep Waters

Trump Derangement Syndrome continues to color everything the left says and does, and one of the least filtered denizens of the left’s ‘leadership’ is Maxine ‘swamp’ Waters. Here Ben Garrison captures some of those denizens…. From Ben’s notes: Maxine Waters may best represent the state of the Democrat Party right now. It’s becoming far-left, loudly …

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Dems Seeking A Better Life Are Leaving The Plantation #Blexit #WalkAway

Democrats always make a big thing about caring for the little guy, but we remember 2012 when they admitted they were no longer competing for the votes of the white working class. In their desperation to cobble together a patchwork quilt coalition of ever smaller “protected classes,” the Dems are losing working class voters of …

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Liberal Outrage: Trump Bows To No-one

America earned its independence and standing in the world. American Presidents do not bow to foreign rulers. Not even The Queen! Cue the liberal outrage, but real Americans don’t care. Trump was right to shake the Queen’s hand. Cartoon by Ben Garrison And a sampling of the outrage and responses on