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Aid and Comfort

CARTOON: Aid and Comfort

I have seen my cartoons here and there around the net without my notice which is almost always at the bottom.  Please, I pay for my concepts to be done professionally.

Play the Clottery

Cartoon: Play the Clottery

The term “clottery” comes from this post; Why the DeathJabbed will insist to their dying breath that YOU must play the Clottery too: Anger, Hatred, Jealously & Fear, synthesized in one word: SPITE

Bishop - Victory Lap - The Beast

Abuse of Horsepower 2: Victory Lap

Compared to his so-called rivals, Trump is on a roll, with or without ‘The Beast.” Wherever he goes he draws Yuuge crowds and a warm reception, even, or was that especially, in Bakersfield, CA. Timothy Bishop’s cartoon captures the ‘race’:

Ben Garrison - Democrat crazy loser slots

In Vegas, Don’t Bet On The Democrat Slots!

Your 100% certain Lose-lose-lose-lose-lose-lose bet is with this crowd: You can imagine Trump standing on stage saying “Do ya feel lucky? Well do ya? You’ve got nothing to lose by voting for me!”