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CARTOON: Aid and Comfort

Aid and Comfort

I have seen my cartoons here and there around the net without my notice which is almost always at the bottom.  Please, I pay for my concepts to be done professionally.

If you like a cartoon and want to post/share it, please do, but have the courtesy of keeping that notice on the image and also mentioning that you saw it here.  Thank you.

And two blast-from-the-past cartoons:





This is a blow-up of the notice on the first image (I haven’t redone any of my older cartoons):

© 2021, NITZAKHON aka Red Pill Jew

Permission is given to use this image gratis provided:

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Now, I want to address a few things here on this topic.  Let’s consider the sheer volume of material left behind:


Many are outraged… seething at what must be intentional:


Yes, cash – tables literally stacked with cash:



Those sure look like $100 bills, people, in what appears to my non-expert eye as $10,000 bundles.  As an estimate – each of those stacks looks to be 10 bundles high. So each stack is $100K.  That’s tens, and likely hundreds of millions there, easy.  I’ve read an estimate of over a billion, which to me is a stretch but given the volume of stacks is not impossible.  Hundreds of millions of untraceable dollars in the hands of people whose sole desire is eternal jihad until the world is Islamic.  Sharia Law Islamic.

And let’s not forget the Left’s preference for Islamic refugees over Christian ones.



There was a video from a few years ago, from Australia, where Avi Yemini was interviewing people and asked a woman about rescuing white farmers from South Africa, which she opposed.  He then asked about Australia accepting some refugees a while back from the Middle East, which she also opposed because they were Christians.

Remember, the Left and Islam are united against their common enemies: America and Western Civilization and Israel.  Antifa has trained with ISIS.

United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror

Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left

No doubt those hand-held weapons will be smuggled in through the southern border soon, carried by the terrorists streaming in.  No doubt that Russia, China, and Iran – and any “bad actor” – are lining up to bid on the high-tech stuff to reverse engineer it.  (Say, does anyone remember Barackus and the stealth drone he let Iran capture and keep, and which they reverse engineered and used to attack Israel?)

Update: American Military Equipment Spotted on Iranian Highway

We have traitors in the White House and Washington DC, and all the way down to our mayors and school boards.  Their goal is no less than the destruction of America and Western Civilization, and the fall of the entire world into outright chaos – out of which the lord their Marx predicts will arise the great Socialist Utopia.  When you truly grasp that goal, everything they do makes sense.

We’re in trouble, folks.  Prepare yourself.