If the ACLU Says it Defends "Racist Speech" Where Are They on Teachers Silencing Parents 'cuz CRT? - Granite Grok

If the ACLU Says it Defends “Racist Speech” Where Are They on Teachers Silencing Parents ‘cuz CRT?

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A  student at Fairfield Warde High School in Connecticut was arrested by the police for “ridicule on account of creed, religion, color, denomination, nationality or race” after he posted a picture of a black student online with a racist slur. The ACLU objected.


“Having racist ideas or sharing racist ideas is something that we actually protect,” said Emerson Sykes, a senior staff attorney with the ACLU’s national chapter. “Even if that viewpoint is offensive, even if it’s deplorable, we don’t want the government making the call about what’s OK to say and think and what is not. But we have limitations on that right.”


We agree. The point of “free speech” and “free press” is to protect people from state-sanctioned intimidation even if we find that speech offensive.

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So, what to do about public educator Janice Starkey (Hanover, NH) and the practice of teaching Critical Race Theory in New Hampshire’s public schools. Parent Dan Richards was silenced because he asked questions, and that’s what CRT taught her to do. He was not permitted to speak unless he spoke approved words and ideas. His speech was suppressed his interests intimidated by a government employee.

Where dare I ask, is the ACLU NH on that?

They not only support that suppression of speech, but they also have the nerve to call efforts to end that sort of intimidation an attack on discussions about race in public schools.

They are not just misleading about what the bill says and what it does. They are advocating the sort of government intimidation that Janice Starkey was taught and felt compelled to exercise.

This is a huge disconnect from what ACLU senior staff attorney Emerson Sykes is telling reporters in Connecticut.  

And let’s be clear. There’s no place for racist BS in school or anywhere else, which is why CRT cannot be allowed to fester. Its foundation is that an entire race of people is racist. Everything about them, their history, their education, their future, and they can do nothing to absolve themselves.

They are second-class citizens who are to be denied natural rights by the state.

I do not condone the racist smear by the student, and I cannot abide by the systemic racism of Critical Race Theory.

The ACLU is playing both sides of this game and that needs to stop.