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GrokTALK! – Podcasts for 2010

Welcome to the GrokTALK! Podcast page for 2010!  GrokTALK! is the Internet Radio show that "airs" every Saturday morning from 9 – 11 am.  We cover all kinds of topics from a Conservative (with Libertarian leanings) and concentrating on things political here in NH, the country, and the world.     GrokTALK! – Podcast page …

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Primary Night (scratch that) “Morning After” Update

The initial indications showing Frank Guinta with the lead have continued as the evening has developed but the race tightened with Rich Ashooh closing to withing a small percentage.  In the end Guinta prevailed with Sean Mahoney–who conceded early coming in third place. The Ovide/Kelly race is so close it still has not been called. …

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Czars? Carol Shea-Porter doesn’t think that there aren’t any Czars?

Since I could not be at either of the small "Town Rooms" that my CongressCritter, Carol Shea-Porter, held yesterday.  One lady from the video that Doug took, Diane Bitter, complained that the White House now has unelected Czars (one, Van Jones, is a self-proclaimed Communist) in Obama’s Administration. CSP: "There are not 35 Czars and …

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Agenda? Naw, not us!

So often I hear from the big name journalists that "we report the truth and only the truth".  That only a journalism degree and years of experience can allow one to objectively report on the goings on in the world. Balderdash.  At the same time that they rail against citizen journalists and bloggers for our …

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