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NH Municipal Elections – Job One, Elect Victoria Sullivan Mayor of Manchester

victoria sullivan

Manchester New Hampshire has suffered under Democrat leadership long enough. If it does not choose a new course soon, it will spiral further along the path of other “liberal” cities. With poop-maps, high-levels of homelessness and poverty, and, inevitably, more crime.

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Mayor Joyce Craig had a shot, and she made things worse. What else could she do? Democrats have always been better at getting out the vote. And the Queen City is home to one of the most notorious out-of-state vote nests in the state. So, it is critically important for the people of Manchester to make time to go to the polls today.

Say no to the numerous scandals under Mayor Craig. The creeping decline amidst an economic boom. 

In just two years.

Joyce Craig would be happy to make Manchester like San Francisco or Portland, or Seattle. Sanctuary cities. Rampant vagrancy. The wildly disparate gap between the most well off and the most vulnerable. The rising crimes of violence.

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Democrats own that brand, and it destroys our cities.

Their policies create a culture of decline; they then use it as an excuse to raise taxes and regulations. But nowhere has this formula done more than make matters worse.

Manchester has an opportunity today to send a different message. To jump this track and take a new path.

Get out and vote. Bring someone with you. Make sure you vote for Victoria Sullivan for Mayor. And while You’re at it, give her some backup. Get rid of Craig’s cronies on the board of Alderman and the Board of the School Committee.

Future generations will thank you.