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The Biden Plan Hinges Upon Speed, Terrorism, and Neutering State Government Leadership.

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In my past articles, I have attempted to show you how the Biden plan operates. Specifically, the plan uses the law of CONTRACTS to impose vaccine mandates. To simplify, it tells federal contractors, MEDICARE/MEDICAID vendors: either impose a vaccine mandate on your employees or go bankrupt by losing federal money.

Recently, I learned that NASA is not waiting to write this vaccine mandate into new contracts; they are instead telling contractors that existing contracts are to be modified by joint agreement to add the vaccine mandate, making it effective immediately.

AND IN A FASHION ONLY A DEDICATED EXTORTIONIST WOULD LOVE, they are telling existing contractors that if they don’t modify current contracts, they will not get any new ones.

I have also learned that termination secondary to noncompliance with vaccine mandate has already begun throughout New Hampshire. Meaning that honest, hard-working people are losing their paychecks and careers; some even facing bankruptcy.

Safer Federal workforce Task Force COVID-19 Workplace Safety - Guidance for Fed Contractors and Sub 2021-09-24

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Having set forth the Biden plan, two conclusions can be reached:

1. The Biden plan relies upon three weapons to accomplish its goal:

  • SPEED,

2. The Biden plan is so weak, illegal, unconstitutional, and mindless that it can easily be defeated.


FIRST POINT: Speed, terrorism, and neutering.

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Having reviewed thousands of pages of Biden documents on this issue—all to understand what the Biden plan is—I have concluded that not only is the Biden plan illegal, unconstitutional, and mindless (from a legal point of view) but THE BIDEN FOLKS KNOW IT. THEY KNOW THAT EVERYTHING THEY ARE DOING IS TOTALLY AGAINST EVERYTHING LEGAL IN THE FEDERAL LAWS, CONSTITUTION, AND REGULATIONS.

I have seen numerous videos where he and many of his ardent supporters admit this fact. Moreover, looking at the FEDERAL PROCUREMENT ACT. THE FEDERAL ADMINISTRATIVE LAW ACT, THE ENABLING LEGISLATION BEHIND OSHA, BEHIND MEDICARE, AS WELL AS NUMEROUS CASES OF DECISONAL LAW EMANATING FROM THE SUPREME COURT, Biden’s mandates are violative of just about everything that the federal government holds near and dear. Simply put, Biden knows them all. And because he knows them all, he knows that what he is doing is illegal and cannot stand.

For example, in the Supreme Court case of South Dakota vs Dole, the United States Supreme Court held that a federal agency could append a “condition” to a federal grant of money but only if the condition is not coercive. In other words, the vaccine mandate can be added to Medicare, but CMS cannot require compliance by denying all Medicare payments to a hospital. Simply put, they can only encourage compliance (for example, CMS could encourage compliance by awarding bonus money to the Medicare payments). Biden knows all about this law—this very morning his Labor secretary, speaking of the new OSHA VACCINE MANDATE, said the OSHA mandate is not coercive AND ONLY EXERTS PRESSURE TO VACCINATE because it allows testing. He was speaking directly to this issue of the Dole case.

In April of 2021, Biden asked the Congressional Research Service (a non-partisan government-financed group aimed at providing answers to legal issues facing Congress) if the federal government could mandate vaccines. They said the President has no power to issue such mandates, as that power is not one granted to him by the Constitution. They also state Congress may have such authority—probably not—but Congress did not authorize the President or any of the federal agencies to impose these mandates. The federal agencies only have the power that Congress gives them and it never gave them such power.

Biden knows all this…And it sets the stage for what he is doing.

Knowing that the Mandates are illegal, Biden must move as quickly as possible to impose his vaccine mandate before the courts can act. An intimate part of his plan is that the remedy of a court order can take a year, if not more to happen; five years or more if there are appeals. He must act to get his mandate done in less time than it takes to get a court ruling. Simply put, once someone caves into his mandate and takes the vaccine, a court order saying it is illegal is moot. You cannot un-ring a bell. You cannot un-vaccinate a citizen.

Note on this topic: the day after the Virginia election defeat for the Biden folks, what did he do? He issued the OSHA ultimatum and included in it a statement that the hospitals are going to immediately lose all Medicare funding if they do not immediately fire the nurses and doctors. It was also recently disclosed by a whistleblower that the Department of Defense has ordered those in charge of religious exemptions to deny them all without review. Why? Speed.

Time is their enemy. They must get everyone-EVERYONE- vaccinated before the clock runs out. All impediments must be removed.


AK47 Pixabay ak47-gun-terror-terrorism-military-1957481




This term seems to directly fit what Biden uses as his second weapon: FEAR.

The young nurses I referred to above need their paychecks now…not in two years. They have mortgages to pay, children to feed, utilities to continue. However, Biden says, in short: get vaccinated or lose everything. He is using fear to force these nurses to vaccinate.

Biden says to the hospitals: impose a vaccine mandate or lose all Medicare/ Medicaid funding. Again, he is using fear to cajole these hospitals to comply.

Fear is also being used against major federal contractors: either impose a vaccine mandate or lose billions in contracts.

How much fear is there? Why should we call it terror?

Consider this: Biden is not personally telling any nurse, engineer, doctor, lawyer–he is not telling anyone—get vaccinated or you are fired. No, he sits in Washington or Delaware eating his ice cream; he gets the CEO to do all the firing. How much fear must there be in a CEO to make him fire hundreds, if not thousands of his staff?

How much fear must there be in the President of the university of New Hampshire to tell tenured professors, internationally known scientists, supportive students, that they are fired—terminated—if they do not get the vaccine?

How much fear must the CEO of BAE feel when he knows that enforcing the Biden mandate will destroy his ability to fulfill highly needed department of defense contracts?

FEAR. TERROR. COERCION: Very Powerful weapons.

…And the key to Biden’s plan.

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In reviewing so much material, it became blatantly obvious to me that the flip side of TERROR is removing any efforts to impede the effects of his tyranny. After all, he cannot have some PATRIOT telling the nurses or the business leaders that there is, in fact, hope. Somehow, he needs to figure out how to neuter such PATRIOTS who might interfere with his plan.

In that regard, I do not think he cares if lawsuits are filed, as lawsuits play into his hands because they have built-in delays of at least one to five years. What he cares about is a PATRIOT who comes up with a plan or strategy to stop the plan NOW. I have already shown how his use of fear neuters CEO’s.

Now, let me show you how I think he is neutering state government leadership


One of the first pieces of COVID-related law coming out of the Biden administration was the American Recovery Plan. It was a further installment of payments to states, companies, businesses, and individuals to try to offset the financial effects of the lockdown. It gave away trillions-New Hampshire got Billions.

Federal Register Coronairus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds

Unlike the prior giveaways authored by Trump, this plan had a twist; the money was to be allocated by the DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY. Congress, in authorizing the expenditures, amended the SOCIAL SECURITY ACT by adding two new statutes: 602 and 603. Specifically, both said that the Department of Treasury will allocate the funds. Both also authorized the Treasury to add conditions as it deemed fit. The Treasury Department then issued regulations found at the Code of Federal Regulations, or CFR, that specify what the money may be used for. The regulations (keep that word in mind) also state that if the money is not spent as agreed, the penalty would be that the recipient must pay it back (very important—the penalty for violating any of the terms is that the money is to be paid back).

Finally, the Treasury issued a notice that each recipient must sign a contract to agree to the terms and regulations set forth. Furthermore, each recipient must agree to the terms in EXHIBIT A. In Exhibit A, the recipient must agree, in addition to everything else, to abide by all “FEDERAL REGULATIONS, LAWS, AND EXECUTIVE ORDERS”.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit A


I do not have the contract signed by the Governor, but I think it is a fair and reasonable thought that since the Treasury regulations require our Governor—and all Governors– to sign this contract—that our Governor, too, has signed. In addition, he is required to have all other sub-recipients (towns, cities, counties, businesses) sign as well. So, Hollis is supposed to get $800,000…Hollis must sign on. Biden’s executive orders are now law in Hollis. Moreover, this is a billion-dollar contract between the State of New Hampshire and the Treasury, asserting that the state must abide by all executive orders, with penalty of losing (repaying) billions of dollars.

Biden has no power to order us to follow his executive orders. But, by contract, we have agreed to cede our sovereignty to him. This scheme has the effect of neutering our political leaders. They are afraid of losing federal money.

Don’t believe it?

One of our leaders is Maggie Hassan. Has she done anything to stop any of these mandates? Has she reached out to any business, nurse, engineer—anyone affected by the mandates- to even listen to their story? Nope. Nada. Nothing.

Curiously, she seems almost desperate to change the subject. Consider her TV ads. They seem to repeat every five minutes…and what is the message? Certainly nothing about mandates. Instead, she claims that she passed a bill out of congress to pay money to small businesses for research and development. Given that the bill she is referring to is still in committee and will never see the light of day, I say she is desperate to change the subject.

And what of Pappas.? Kuster? Aren’t they supposed to represent us? What have they done? Zippo. Nada. Nope…They worship at the Pelosi altar. They proudly claim that they are the ones that enacted EXHIBIT A. They don’t want to say or do anything to violate Biden’s executive orders, which are now the laws of New Hampshire.

…And then there are our State reps and Senators. The Republican leadership wants to do something, and I love them all, but they have full-time jobs outside of public service. They don’t have the time to investigate the Biden plan. They are offering fixes that have nothing to do with the plan. Plus, even if they did figure it out, the Biden operatives in the state have enough votes to shut them down and delay any action. Delay is all Biden needs.

Finally, there is the Governor. Of all the Patriots that are being called into action, no call is greater than Governor Chris Sununu. He, and he alone, can stop the Biden mandate in New Hampshire. He, and he alone, can stop the terror. But what is his response? He did join a lawsuit filed in Missouri. But, as I said, that does very little to stop the Biden plan.

Vaccine Mandate Lawsuit


Is he intimidated by Exhibit A? Is he afraid of having to return the money? Does he support the Biden tyranny?

The man I met at Country Kitchen is neither afraid of Biden nor a man who supports tyranny. The man I met is a very smart, knowledgeable patriot that truly loves New Hampshire and is willing to answer the call to come to her aid when bullets fly.

But, what has he done? What is he waiting for?

Live free or die only works if we fight for our freedom before we let Biden end our life.

Governor Sununu—The United States of America-the State of New Hampshire- needs a patriot, not a politician. I am sure I will get some drive-by Moron to condemn me for this but too bad:

Governor, you are that Patriot. Stop being a politician and let the stateman in you come out.

Most distressing to me, LAWYERS ARE DOING NOTHING.

When I practiced law in California, this kind of issue would draw every lawyer in the State. The California lawyer is greedy, arrogant, egotistical, and self-centered. Every one of them craves fame and fortune. They all want to be Johnny Cochran (OJ’s lawyer) or Melvin Belli. In California, the lawyers are gathering around every fired employee in the State and filing multiple lawsuits–dreaming of class actions. The New Hampshire Lawyer? I am told that they are afraid of losing their license. Look at Rudy Giuliani…What is going on? I asked one such lawyer why he was not filing suit on behalf of the several victims, “Why are you not reaching out to the thousands of victims of the Biden crime syndicate?” Do your damn job. The folks need help.

Conclusion: these are the three weapons of Biden: speed, terror, and neutering.

In my final chapter, I try to offer a way to defeat Biden.