Congressional Oversight, or Abuse of Power?

You’ve got to hand it to Jerry Nadler and the Democrats.  They know just how to sound righteous, patriotic, and even noble when they want to.  For two years, they posed as champions of democracy, railing about treason at the highest levels of government.  “America deserves better,” they proclaimed. And today when they’re pontificating about …

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Democrat Party

Hungry for power, Dems have no appetite for impeachment

The release of the Mueller report should have finally silenced President Trump’s Democrat critics who for two years have fueled the false narrative that he and his campaign colluded with the Russian government to win his election.  Mueller’s exhaustive investigation has proven conclusively their destructive, and very likely concocted allegations were pure fantasy.  But hard …

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MAGA Hat As Free Speech

SCOTUS Answer to Census Question Could Save America

Democrats want illegal aliens counted on the 2020 US Census for apportioning seats in the US House. If illegals count, Democrats get more Congressional seats they can win virtually uncontested. That’s bad for liberty. It’s terrible for America.

Ilhan Omar

Deception and Treachery in Congress

Somali-born, Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar described the 9/11 terrorist attack as an event where “some people did something” (15:00 mark in video).  She couldn’t bring herself to say “terrorism”, yet alone “Muslim Terrorism” while addressing CAIR, a Muslim lobbying group. Talk about a severe case of cognitive dissonance. With liberty in mind, I don’t have …

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Trump Border Security Address

Fixing Trump is More Important to Congress than Fixing the Border Crisis

Congress passed a resolution. It blocks Mr. Trump’s Emergency declaration on the Southern Border. In his veto signing remarks, Mr. Trump observed that “Congress’s vote to deny the crisis on the southern border is a vote against reality. It’s against reality. It is a tremendous national emergency. It is a tremendous crisis.”