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toilet face flush

This Stuff Needs a Big Double Flush

The New Hampshire Legislature, United States Congress, and, in particular, the Executive Branch of this Country are loaded to the gump stump with years of so-called experience, which in and of itself is a problem.

Census 2020

Are Democrats Losing House Seats After 2020 Census?

Last year was the Constitutionally mandated census of the United States (Article 1 Section 2) “…Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers…”


The CCB19 (Communist Chinese Bioweapon19) Democrat Spending Bill

The CCB19 (Communist Chinese Bioweapon19) Democrat Spending Bill to Cost US Taxpayers $13,260 Each. Of course, with all things Washington DC, that is not bad enough. Unspent billions sit unused. Like uninvestigated ballots in the NH AG’s Election Eunuchs office in Concord.

Article 5 founders

Article V – The Summation

Article V empowers states to limit the federal government and is the megaphone for the peoples’ voice.  This is the final part of a how-to manual on limiting the federal government, skipping congress, and going straight to the Constitution.

US Supreme Court

A Hostile Takeover of the Judiciary

In today’s America, we the people are not supporting the fundamentals of our system of government. That would seem like the bare minimum for America to continue to exist. So let’s look at an issue of the day and see if it gives us any insight. How has court-packing become a serious discussion topic?

US Senate 2

The GOP Energy for a Fight on Jan 6 Is Ramping up – Quickly!

At first it was just US Rep Mo Brooks that said he was going to disputing the Electoral College voting when, by Constitutional mandate, Congress reviews it. Now, it is up to 140 Congressmen and I’m betting the number will grow over the next couple of days.