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145 CEOs Beg for Gun Control

Chief Executives from 145 different companies signed a letter urging the Senate to act on “common sense” gun control.  Here’s a handy list of those companies, to do with as you please. **Forgive the formatting – copy pasted from PDF (attached at bottom)** Brian Chesky, Co-Founder, Head of Community and CEO, Airbnb Keith Mestrich, President …

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R.I.P. Export Import Bank

Export Import Banks are usually government agencies. They ensure the safety and growth of a country’s foreign trade. Creation of the U.S. version came in 1934. It was for providing low interest loan guarantees. It incentivizes American companies selling American products internationally. All good so far, right? Now, as Paul Harvey would say, it’s time …

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Wendy Davis

Abortion Barbie Is Running For Congress

Wendy Davis has one claim to fame. No, not her filibustering a bill to prevent abortion after 20 weeks, selling pink sneakers. A lot of abortion advocates desperate for a political lifeline bought pink sneakers so they could stand with Wendy. 


Congressional Oversight, or Abuse of Power?

You’ve got to hand it to Jerry Nadler and the Democrats.  They know just how to sound righteous, patriotic, and even noble when they want to.  For two years, they posed as champions of democracy, railing about treason at the highest levels of government.  “America deserves better,” they proclaimed. And today when they’re pontificating about …

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