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The Steele Dossier Was False and the FBI Knew.

FISA Management Advisory Memo

Recently the Justice Department I.G. issued FISA Management Advisory Memo. The short version says, to the Director of the FBI, get your cranium out of your rectum. Your department is out of control. The Department of Justice Inspector is Michael Horowitz worded his memo more nicely than this article does but the meaning is the …

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All FISA Bills Are Bad

All The FISA Bills Are Bad

We have not unraveled what happened in 2016. It has not been made public. No one has been held accountable. The agencies involved have the whitewash buckets and brushes out. We know to a mathematical certainty that in 2016 the FISA system was abused.


9th Circuit Court Judge Tells Congress to “Do Your Job!”

Democrats have relied on courts to do their legislating on issues important to them for decades. Hey, why not. If you can get the policy prescription without having to vote on it, it’s a win-win. But the courts ‘they are a changing,’ and one 9th Circuit Judge has had it with Congress.