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My Letter to Pappas and His Reply: Did Pfizer Submit False And/or Corrupt Trial Data?

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The following is a significant expansion of a letter I sent to Congressman Chris Pappas and his office has already replied, and I will discuss his reply at the end.  I also wrote to Senators Hassan and Shaheen with no reply as yet.


My letter (significantly expanded)

I just read an alarming accusation in the BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL, to wit that the Pfizer trial & clinical data have been revealed by a whistleblower to have serious questions about data integrity and oversight.

Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial

I find it particularly concerning that the whistleblower, in attempting to raise concerns, was summarily fired – not a good signal. Apparently, there is corroboration by others. Whistleblowers are sacred, right?

With Pfizer’s product having been approved and rolled out for children down to five years old, I call for an immediate suspension of all vaccinations with Pfizer’s product until these concerns can be transparently addressed and independently audited – including by skeptics of the mRNA product, skeptics like mRNA vaccine inventor Dr. Robert Malone. Others have weighed into, like Nobel Laureate Dr. Luc Montaignier, Dr. Peter McCollough, and Mayo Clinic-trained Dr. Ryan Cole and Harvard Professor Dr. Martin Kulldorff and Stanford University Professor Dr. Bhattacharya, and a legion of others, all say the vaccine is risky for children.   Such independent review, and open debate, is essential to science and in particular with regard to children’s health being urged to take a product from a company that bears no legal responsibility if something goes wrong.

These are our children, not lab animals, and the standard MUST BE full transparency and confidence, not “well, we double-pinkie swear everything is OK.”  I have written about this, and masks, and other things, before on Granite Grok.

To the Merrimack School Board (and others): NO to the Jab!

To the Merrimack School Board (and others): NO to the Jab! PART 2

Attn: Merrimack School Board (and others) – Masks in schools

Do Kids Need to Get Sick?

All these kids praising Covid injection volunteers (how nauseating is this?:

Should speak with kids like these:

Or their parents since the kid can’t speak for himself (RIP):

See this: Vaccine-Injured Speak Out, Feel Abandoned by Government Who Told Them COVID Shot Was Safe

Ernest Ramirez [1:16:40], from Texas, said his only son, 16 years old, collapsed while playing basketball and passed away from myocarditis following Pfizer vaccination. Ramirez got his son the Pfizer vaccine to protect him because it was the right thing to do.

“My government lied to me,” Ramirez said. “They said it was safe, and now I go home to an empty house,” Ramerez said. “They need to quit pushing this on children. I lost mine and you need to protect yours.”

Ramerez said the vaccine isn’t worth the risks, and all he wants is his son back. “Do not make the mistake I made. I did it because I thought it was a great thing to do. It wasn’t.”

“On Dec. 17, 2020, they did a study and they knew it [the COVID vaccine] was causing heart problems in teenagers. Why wasn’t it released until October of this year?” Ramerez asked. “This is murder.”

“I love the “hell out of my country,” Ramerez said, “but I do not trust my government anymore.”

Or science.  “Follow the science,” right?

Lastly, please accept my condolences on the loss of your nephew, Charlie Zink, from what might be a Pfizer-vaccination-related complication. Surely the loss you feel should not be repeated by other families – we must have confidence, not fear. If there is even a chance your loss is related to the vaccine, surely you would not want that imposed on other families?

Stop the vaccination authorization until this is cleared up. Even Pfizer’s own data do not support kids getting this.

BREAKING: Researchers In Peer-Reviewed Study Call For “IMMEDIATE WITHDRAWAL of mRNA COVID Vaccines For Use in Pregnancy, Those Breastfeeding, Those Of Childbearing Age and Children”

Doctor, forced out of her job, explains how the clot-shot requires D Dimer tests to check for possible heart, stroke issues

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Pappas’ Reply

Pappas’ office responded with a generic, non-answer answer that didn’t even address my explicit concerns about corruption and data fraud, nor was there appreciation for my condolences for his loss. I guess congress does not care at all about what we actually think. It’s true, then, that we have the best government pharma money can buy. His response below, verbatim – do you see even a scintilla of actually addressing the possibility Pfizer may have lied in its data submission? And should even the possibility Pfizer’s data is not on the up-and-up not be a great big red-flag concern for someone who cares about the people of New Hampshire, especially our children?

Dear David,

Thank you for contacting me regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. I value you taking the time to reach out to me, as it helps me better represent you and New Hampshire’s priorities in Congress.

As your representative in Congress, my foremost responsibility during this outbreak is to help keep our communities healthy and safe by ensuring that our state and federal agencies have access to the health services, information, and resources they need to address this evolving situation.

I have remained in close contact with state and local officials as we work together to safeguard the health and well-being of all Granite Staters. Since the beginning of the outbreak, I have worked with my colleagues to pass a number of coronavirus supplemental appropriations bills that are already providing critical funding for containment and mitigation efforts across the country, including for public health departments, vaccine development, paid family leave, and small business stabilization.

Health care should be a right – not a privilege – for all Americans. I support universal coverage and am committed to ensuring that every citizen receives quality, affordable health care. Since their invention in the late 18th century, vaccines have helped save millions of lives worldwide. I agree with the broad majority of medical experts who advocate for timely vaccinations as a way to promote both the health of children and the well-being of our communities at large. As your representative in Congress, I am committed to promoting policies that protect our public health during this pandemic. Please know I will have your views in mind as Congress considers legislation related to COVID-19 vaccination.

Nothing is more important to me than listening to my constituents and ensuring that every voice in my district is heard. No matter your perspective, your thoughts help me do better as I work to bring Granite State voices to Washington. Each message makes a difference, so I hope you will stay in touch. As always, you can keep up with the work I am doing by signing up for my weekly update at

One line I bolded. I do not believe Pappas believes this but rather he believes the 30 pieces of Pfizer silver in his pocket.

Not Only Are Former FDA Commissioners Working For Vaxx Makers, But FDA Committee Members Reviewing Kids Shots Worked For Pfizer Or Have Pfizer Connections

UK PM Admits the Jab Does Not Protect From Getting the Virus or Spreading It

I encourage you readers to take my data and links and write as well, not just to your representatives but your doctors and local hospitals & clinics.  The PDF at the link SCIENCE, above, is extraordinarily useful.

Lastly, tell me this is normal:

Or this, two video among legion:

The Victims of the COVID Vaccines

The testimonies project – the movie