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New Hampshire Blocks Taxpayer Funding For Planned Parenthood

Wednesday morning, the NH Executive Council met at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Nashua to vote on awarding family planning contracts. When the councilors arrived for breakfast at 8 am, they were greeted by Jason Hennessey, President of New Hampshire Right to Life, and Mariah, Regional Coordinator for Students for Life, and their supporters.

At 9 am, the Planned Parenthood people showed up with their pink shirts and signs to influence the councilors’ vote but they were an hour too late. They shouted and jumped around and made a big scene but it was all for naught.

You can watch their antics behind my husband, Stephen Scaer, as he gives commentary.



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The NH Executive Council voted 4-1, along party lines, to deny family planning contracts to the state’s abortion businesses, Planned Parenthood, Equality Health Center in Concord, and Lovering Health Center in Greenland.

When Governor Chris Sununu signed HB2, the budget rider bill into law it included a provision that “no state funds shall be used to subsidize abortions, either directly or indirectly.” It requires that state contracts should not be awarded to abortion businesses unless they provide an audit showing that they have physically and financially separated their abortion business from the rest of their services.

Planned Parenthood and the other abortion businesses made no attempt to separate their abortion from their other services. All the services are performed in the same buildings with the same utilities and staff salaries paid from the same pot of money. There was no chance they would pass scrutiny if audited.

Nevertheless, Governor Sununu expressed his disappointment with the vote:

I brought these contracts forward because I support them, just as I have every year as Governor, because they protect women’s health and it is the right thing to do. Today’s action to vote down funding like cancer screenings and other women’s health services is incredibly disappointing and not something I agree with.

That is disingenuous. Sununu signed HB2 into law with the provision that these businesses must show the separation of abortion from other services and he knew they wouldn’t pass muster.

In addition to failing to stand up for the protection of taxpayers’ rights not to fund abortions, he completely failed to take responsibility for his role in denying abortion businesses these contracts.