Enough Already! We Need to Hold Our "Leadership" in Nashua Accountable. - Granite Grok

Enough Already! We Need to Hold Our “Leadership” in Nashua Accountable.


First, Nashua residents should insist that our City Hall be open.  There is not another community around Nashua that is locked down like Nashua. Enough!

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Second, residents should insist that our City Hall employees give us the information we are requesting. However, Nashua’s mayor hired Mr. Neumann, an inexperienced attorney who understands little about the Right-to-Know law, to handle the City of Nashua requests on what our government is doing with the Nashua taxpayers’ money.  

The Mayor is frustrated at some residents because they found “discrepancies” and he wants to keep the lid on matters.  So the mayor’s solution is to restrict information and take the narrowest possible view of the requests.

Transparency, openness, and responsiveness to the public’s concerns must be an integral part of dealing with residents. Our legal team and Mayor are falling far short in this area.

Let us all ask our local leaders to live up to the spirit of open records and support residents in requesting a more transparent government.