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Nashua, Vote to Save Your City on November 2

Nashua municipal elections are being held on Tuesday, November 2, and there are some very important choices to make. The most important decision is on Ballot Question 2. A Yes vote would give the Mayor and Board of Aldermen control over picking the city police commissioners.

Nashua City Hall

Nashua: Local Elections ARE Partisan!

I have become increasingly concerned about the negative impact of partisan politics on our local government. While this city is chartered as a non-partisan city, public discussion and communication with some in City Hall has become all too partisan.

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The Mayor’s Charter Change is a Power Grab

The mayor is deceiving all Nashua residents on the Charter Change he wants to make for the Police Commissioners. Keeps telling residents that Nashua should have local control however Nashua already has local control.

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Nashua’s Sonia Prince Flails and Fails But Nashua Mayor Jim Donchess Swears “She’s Nice”

Nashua resident Sonia Prince has told us on Facebook that she posts 20-30 times a day and has little memory of what she is actually posting. Apparently, she is so saturated with City Hall information leaks and “me first” posting, it’s all a blur to her. But she often accuses others of failing to ‘fact …

Nashua’s Sonia Prince Flails and Fails But Nashua Mayor Jim Donchess Swears “She’s Nice” Read More »

Nashua Mayor Jim Donchess

Nashua Mayor Donchess: Spending Caps Are for Losers

Last week, there was a public hearing in the NH House Municipal and County Government Committee on Senate Bill 52, to restore the spending cap for Nashua, which was struck down by a judge, as well as to protect caps for other towns and cities.