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Violence in DC: Momentary Flash, or Ignition Point?

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Before I begin, let me state – understanding that there is no form of communication so perfect it cannot be misunderstood or distorted – that nobody sane wants a civil war.  People die in civil wars.

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Given modern technology and the possibility of outside bad actors taking advantage of domestic chaos, e.g., an EMP strike from – say – a freighter that would result in most Americans dying within a year, this is a real concern.

In the film short Prelude to Axanar – aside: this is probably the best fan-made sci-fi piece, even surpassing this Predator-themed short, Predator: Dark Ages –there is a line where a Vulcan quotes an “Andorian acquaintance” in saying Don’t push the pink skins to the thin ice.

Yes, I know you are all giddy about the coming socialist utopia and how you’re going to get revenge on everyone to the Right of Stalin for having the temerity, the gall, the unmitigated chutzpah to have defied your Anointed Intellect philosopher-king rule to elect Trump, let alone after your propaganda wing, the enemedia, relentlessly slammed him wall-to-wall 24/7 for four years.

So now Biden seems to be in.  Our doubts about the election are dismissed out of hand.  Except we will not go so quietly into the night.  We know you cheated and cheated massively… and not just in the Presidential race.  This is data from the Georgia Senate race.  It is funny how both Democrat candidates got over 15,000 votes to mysteriously switch from a curve that would be below the Republicans to be above.

Georgia runoff election

A smattering:

  • We’ve seen ballots pulled from suitcases and run, some batches multiple times after voting supposedly was stopped for the night.
  • We’ve seen areas with more votes than voters.
  • We have had Republican vote observers expelled from their legal roles and not admitted back in even after a court-ordered they be allowed in.
  • We have documented cases of the Deceased American demographic voting.
  • We have vote dumps in the middle of the night, 100% for Biden, to the tune of tens of thousands of votes, even exceeding 100K votes in one go.
  • We have Trump votes found in the trash.
  • We have multiple videos of votes being deducted from Trump and awarded to Biden.
  • When tested with even numbers of votes for Trump and Biden, we have voting machines that produced a Biden win – a result that so shocked the testers they reran the test to the same result.
  • We have hundreds and hundreds of sworn affidavits of eyewitnesses to fraud.
  • We have Biden ballots that were counted with no signature verification or chain of custody.


Rep Leo election audit


The list goes on and on, and yet the mantra from the Left is “You have no proof”!  Now we have an affidavit from Italy about international cooperation in The Great Steal:


Italy affidavit


Of course, it too will not be enough.  Nothing will be enough.  Orange Man Bad justifies everything in your eyes.  Everything.  You have razed every standard, leveled every ethical restraint, crushed any benefit of law to get at the Orange Devil.

Trump’s impeachment was discussed before he won the nomination.  Why?  Nineteen minutes after he took the oath of office, the Washington Compost put The Campaign to impeach Trump has begun up on their website.  Trump has been hated with the fire of a thousand suns from before he even took office.

PBS Screen Grab Resist shirts protesters


He literally had not had time to walk to the Oval Office, and you’re discussing impeachment?

You’ve pushed us to the thin ice.

For years you’ve discussed packing the courts and other radical Left wishes – that discussion did not start with Amy Coney Barrett but years before.  Gun confiscation, removal of the palladium of liberty has been pushed for decades.  Eliminating the filibuster, too, plus statehood for the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, resulting in permanent D majorities in the Senate, as well as legalizing and giving citizenship – and the vote – to almost 30 million illegal aliens who will vote “D” to keep the bennies coming.  Never mind the flood of migrants you will bring in and, doubtless, you will settle in purple districts to flip them Blue.  Let alone states that have flipped Blue – like Arizona and Nevada and New Hampshire – from people fleeing high taxes and choking regulation, but don’t have the wit to stop voting for the party that created the policies they fled.


Bertolt Brecht Quote Government Dissolved the people


You’ve pushed us to the thin ice.

Although racists exist, sadly, there are also people who think Elvis is still alive.  Our society has made staggeringly enormous and admirable strides in stigmatizing and reducing judging people by the color of their skin… yet we are called racists if we oppose you on anything.  If we question the wisdom of bringing in floods of Islamic migrants who have turned Western Europe into an emerging caliphate with rapes and crimes through the roof… we are called Islamophobes despite Islam’s blood-soaked crown of being the greatest murder machine in history.  If we question open borders with the myriad crimes committed by illegal aliens, we are called racists.

American blacks who were enslaved were not seized by white men raiding Africa but by purchasing blacks from other blacks who had already enslaved them.  Slavery was an evil that existed in the world, in every culture and civilization, until white Christian America and England worked to eliminate it from a world that resisted and fought that effort.  Slavery still exists in the Islamic world – today – which goes unmentioned in the Critical Theory attack on our history, culture, and nation.

You have indoctrinated our kids for decades to hate America, to hate the free market, to hate the Constitution… to hate everything America is and has been.  You’ve metastasized an ideology that murdered over 100 million civilians into the minds of our children:


You’ve legalized infanticide up to birth, and some have even discussed post-birth abortions. You’ve pushed LBGTQ perversion at our children in the schools, brought sex performers – some with criminal histories – into our schools for “drag queen story hour” to normalize it… and now there is pressure to make pedophilia just another sexual orientation to be “tolerated”. And you’ve made the idea of chemical sterilization and whole-body surgical mutilation through transgenderism into a fashion statement/attention getter being pushed at kids in the single digits and facilitated by the schools who ignore parents’ outrage at this twisting of our children.

You’ve pushed us to the thin ice.

From the 2016 election onward, anyone to Stalin’s Right has been de-platformed and demonetized on the internet.  Any sign of supporting Trump is deemed justification for getting people fired, for social ostracism, for physical attacks, even homicide.  People’s homes are targeted.  Blinding lasers are shone into peoples’ eyes.  Neighborhoods are taken over.  You wrote plays about Trump being assassinated, you discussed blowing up the White House, and even mock-beheaded Trump multiple times.  Democrat after Democrat after Democrat implied that confrontation and violence against Trump supporters is acceptable:


Protester Dems Riots Violence


These, and a legion of other outrages, including horrific kompromat that the Chinese have on Biden, and his pay-to-play in Ukraine, and no condemnation from any of you.

And you send billions overseas in a bill that throws $600 crumbs to Americans after delaying it to hurt Trump as The People suffered.

You’ve pushed us to the thin ice.

We have protested peacefully for months and nothing.  We have written letters to our elected officials and nothing.  You have leveled every law, every ethic, every standard.  You cite allegiance and fealty to the Constitution even as you shred its meaning.  The rapid-fire Orwellian doublethink exhibited by the Left, without even a shred of intellectual consistency.


Branco Constitution Dems Impeach Trmp


You impeached Trump under rules in the House that would have made a banana republic Jones in envy; you pushed Russia-Russia-Russia despite the evidence being completely fabricated by Her Heinous the Crone of Chappaqua with Barackus’ tacit approval.  You weaponized our intelligence organs to investigate a candidate, then President, as an “insurance policy” in a crime greater than Watergate.  You encouraged people to go out and mingle as the Chinese Virus spread even after Trump shut down travel from China (and called him a racist for doing so) – let alone put infected patients into nursing homes to inflate the death count as a political weapon.  You stifled discussion of a known, effective drug – hydroxychloroquine – and silenced doctors who were successfully treating patients, e.g., The Zelenko Protocol… all to create more dead to lay at Trump’s feet.

You’ve pushed us to the thin ice.


JFK violent revolution


So here we are.  Now we’re fighting back.  Understand, you set a precedent through your tolerance of Antifa and BLM violence.

We understand, now, fully understand your goal: forever rule by a uni party state.  A Socialist State.  And we reject it.

This is the hill to die on.  There are no more hills left to which to retreat.

Questions, questions

I’m Not Unifying

Repeated For Emphasis

Yesterday, the first shots were fired in the Third Battle of Fort Sumter.

Live free or die.  Death is not the worst of evils.

– General John Stark

Trump was not our last chance.  He was your last chance… and you squandered it.  You could have gritted your teeth through eight years of Trump as we gritted our teeth through eight years of Barackus.  But we understand now: you are not a political movement; you are a religious movement.  A supremacist religious movement.  We have been given a choice – convert, submit, or fight.

Again, I don’t want this.  No sane person does.  But President Asterisk will never be my President, and you are no longer my fellow Americans.