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Mayor Mask Mandate Pictured With No Masks, No Distancing, at a Senior Center

Nashua Mayor No Masks or Distancing Indoors

Nashua Mayor Jim Donchess hosted a Senior Summit at the Nashua Senior Activity Center on November 16, 2020. Something here, in this picture, doesn’t seem right.

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The Nation and the World are “under the effects” of Covid-19 but at this Summit, no one is wearing a mask. No one is Social Distancing. The Mayor has a microphone. Everyone seems crowded to the front of the room. It’s obvious (to me) the room was packed.

Seniors – they are the most vulnerable

Didn’t Mayor Donchess contract Covid-19?  YES, he did.

Did Mayor Donchess sign a standing ordinance to wear face masks indoors in public places? YES, he did.

Under a NEW Ordinance dated September 24, 2020 business owners could face up to a $1000 fine. What? about 2 months ago?

It’s one thing to have memory issues. It’s another thing for his followers and others to think they’ll lead others down this unfortunate path, unchallenged.

From NH Governor Sununu dated October 29, 2020, NH Restaurants are required to collect Patron’s Contact information. Was this information gathered?

We’re there any “Politico” (politicians) at this function. I’d say yes. Who were they?

Were Refreshments and Open Snacks available for consumption. I’m NOT wasting any more time on this “Panhandling Potentate mayor.” What Chutzpah !

Congratulations Nashua, you being led by nothing less than a “WINNER.” A “WINNER” in his own mind, and that of his SHEEPLE who Flock to “Him.”

I’ve shown the picture to people. I’ve asked them about it. I’ve told them when it was taken. I’ve mentioned the fines. I’ve mentioned gov Sununu’s order I’ve HAD to point out to them what was important about that photograph.

The (majority) of Responses were …. oh. These were Adults. Sad State of affairs.

God Bless (while I’m still allowed to say this).

Image Credit, Nashua Telegraph, Photographer George Pelletier