Is Dartmouth-Hitchcock Performing Ghoulish Experiments With Baby Body Parts? - Granite Grok

Is Dartmouth-Hitchcock Performing Ghoulish Experiments With Baby Body Parts?

Dartmouth-Hitchcock in Lebanon, NH participates in the Ryan Residency training program in abortion and family planning. The program trains OB/GYN students in first-trimester uterine aspiration abortion, second-trimester dilation and evacuation, and medical abortion and labor induction terminations.

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The training program is based out of the University of California San Francisco which has been performing horrific fetal tissue research, including creating humanized mice, creatures that are made by implanting mice with human tissues taken from late-term aborted babies. President Trump’s administration recently pulled federal funding for that research.

A group of Dartmouth medical doctors and students came to the New Hampshire State House in February to testify against pro-life bills, including the Born Alive Protection Act, which would have ensured care for a baby born alive after a failed abortion. Ellen Kolb, writing about the public hearing for the bill, summarized the testimony of Dartmouth Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology Dr. Ellen Joyce.

According to my notes from the hearing, [Dr. Joyce] called the born-alive bill “dangerous” and “ill-advised,” said it “seeks to solve a problem that does not exist,” and added that the legislation’s “false claims” tended to undermine the public’s trust in OB/GYNs.”

Was Dr. Joyce fighting to stop the Born Alive Protection Act because Dartmouth-Hitchcock is performing abortions that may result in live births? Are they performing research on body parts from viable babies?

New Hampshire allows abortion up until the moment of birth and there is no reporting to the state on abortions. Is that why the training program was brought to Dartmouth-Hitchcock, so they could carry on extreme abortion practices without oversight and perform Mengele-like experiments with baby body parts?

(This is not an accusation it is simply speculation given what we know and mostly what we don’t.)

David Daleiden, armed with similar concerns, went undercover and exposed many horrific abortion practices, including harvesting of organs from living babies. Is there someone like David that can investigate Dartmouth-Hitchcock?

There is currently a merger being planned between the parent organization of Catholic Medical Center in Manchester and Dartmouth-Hitchock. Might Dartmouth-Hitchcock bring extreme abortion practices to the pro-life hospital CMC if the merger goes through? New Hampshire Right to Life is trying to stop the merger. Learn how you can help.