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Nashua Anti-Mask Mandate Protest: Fewer Masks. More Hugs.

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On short notice, about 50 people gathered in the plaza in front of Nashua City Hall to protest the ordinance passed 9-3 by the Nashua Board of Aldermen that requires masks to be worn in all businesses in the city to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

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Although there was discussion at the Nashua aldermen meeting, where they voted for the mask mandate, that “right-wing nuts” might be present at a mask mandate protest open-carrying guns, none appeared.

CD2 candidate Eli Clemmer of Berlin attended and proclaimed that he is the only congressional candidate in the state that supports reopening New Hampshire.

Owners of a small business in Nashua recounted how they are trying to keep their employees busy during the shutdown of non-essential businesses by Gov. Chris Sununu’s Emergency Order 17 with cleaning and doing maintenance. They said that they do not fall into any of the categories of businesses addressed by the state’s reopening plan, so they have to figure it out for themselves. Their customers are slow to return and they are doing much less business than usual.

Tom Lopez JR HoellFormer state rep JR Hoell, one of the Reopen NH founders, was engaged in a lengthy conversation with Nashua alderman Tom Lopez, who voted for the mask mandate. Alderman Lopez was one of only a handful of people that wore masks.

Protesters, young and old, gathered by Main Street, holding up pro-liberty signs for passing cars. They received many enthusiastic waves and honks. One lonely protester stood across the street taking pictures of the crowd and shouting angrily. Later a young woman was hanging out of the window of a passing car, shouting angry epithets.

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One woman in the crowd offered free hugs, reminiscent of the “Free Mom Hugs” offered at the annual Nashua Pride Festival.  A vlogger recorded his monologue in front of the protest for his YouTube channel. Several current and former Nashua Board of Education members and former state reps participated.

Free Hugs for AllIn a Free Society, Individuals Make Their Own Health Risk Assessments and Act Accordlingly

Former state rep and state senate candidate Dan Hynes, who represented plaintiffs challenging the governor’s emergency order to shut down large gatherings, attended.

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A camera crew from the Natural Health Media Project recorded the event. Watch it below.