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Jan Schmidt, Benevolent Dictator

Jan Schmidt Bernie Bus

I have been following Nashua Alderman, and NH State Rep, Jan Schmidt on social media and I’ve observed that she likes to portray herself as a benevolent dictator showing her love and concern for her subjects.

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She keeps up this image by carefully deleting any comments on her Facebook posts that she feels will ruin the image she is trying to convey. The only comments allowed to stay are those that contribute to her image as kind and thoughtful and as someone who knows what is best for everyone. And she blocks people who call her out.

But Jan can’t help herself when she gets angry and the vitriol spills out, as it often does towards Laurie Ortolano, the Nashua citizen who has worked tirelessly to expose incompetence at the Nashua Assessing Department. A recent Facebook post by Jan, below, is an example of this. Laurie’s blog at Good-Gov.org covers many sordid details of the failures at Nashua City Hall that Jan is trying to cover up.

Jan was also a ringleader in the dishonest attacks on former Nashua Board of Education member Doris Hohensee.

Many people are fooled by Jan’s carefully crafted image and that is why I created the Musings of Alderman Jan Facebook page, to capture the social media posts that expose her not-so-benevolent and downright vindictive side. Check out facebook.com/aldermanjan to see the truth about Alderman Jan.