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Nashua Politics – Alderman Jan’s Latest Schmidt Storm!

Jan Schmidt campaign sign

Democrat Nashua Alderman Jan Schmidt is plumbing new levels of discrimination. She is openly opposing candidates for the Nashua School board, which she is welcome to do. But because they don’t have children “in our schools?”

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In a public Facebook update about who not to vote for in next week’s municipal elections, she lists five candidates. Doris Hohensee and Howard Coffman are not Jan’s people. Then there are three more with whom she disapproves.

Why the three beyond Doris and Howard? These people don’t have children in our schools, public education experience, or an understanding of what the Board is really responsible for.

Do we need to apply this metric (for the sake of equality) to staff and administrators? How about teachers with no children or children “in our schools?” It seems unfair to limit your discriminatory proclamation to School Board members.

It also seems unfair to limit the calling of public service to “experts.” New Hampshire is proud of its citizen legislature (of which you are a member). Our political culture invites people from all demographics and levels of education and experience to participate, learn, and remain engaged in local politics. To share that experience with voters and, most importantly, offer new perspectives and ideas to the deliberative process at every level of government.

It sounds like Jan thinks you need to take a course. I hope it’s offered somewhere other than a public school.

Have you seen the state of public education, thanks to the experts? It’s a money pit that sucks up valuable resources to produce a product of declining value. Students are graduating with increasingly less competence in even basic skills.

As for the role a board plays, its responsibility; the education experts are so versed in “the necessary skill set” that they’ve managed to break both state and federal laws. Again, maybe it’s time to try something different.

Don’t Forget Me!

Because we live rent-free in her head, this latest Schmidt-Storm also makes space to poke us in the eye. 

Doris encourages out of town people to abuse a student on Facebook – causing her parents to call the police out of fear for her safety.

She’s referring to a student who was outed by Nashua resident – and Democrat agitator – Sonia Prince on a local public Facebook group. Sonia shared a link to the ‘students’  public Facebook update looking for people to attend/protest an upcoming school board meeting. If I recall correctly at least one local paper also released her name to the public.

The adult student openly agitated for political action. We reported that. Had we been fawning and supportive, Jan would have as well. Because we presented the wrong side (in her mind), the voting-age political activist is suddenly some unsuspecting child abused by opposing opinion and in desperate need of police protection.

Whether the student’s parents had to call the police or why is unknown to me. But we know we can’t trust Jan. She’s known to exaggerate when faced with political-speech of which she disapproves – like sharing her Facebook updates or voting record. She is always welcome to her opinion, and free to endorse or oppose whomever she chooses. It’s an endless source of content and amusement. But speech intimidation (crying ‘police protection’) is an unusual trait for an elected official and state legislator (supposedly) bound by the law, state, and federal constitutions. 

And yet she is somehow qualified to hold that elected office.

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