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Dear Executive Councilor: The “Vaccine” Program Is Failing in the USA and NH.

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Dear Executive Councilor:

I wrote to you on August 24 to ask that you not distribute the $844,000 in promotional money in the normal way.  You might pay attention to the Brandon Smith essay within it because tyranny cannot come without the cooperation of people in administrative positions like yours.

The “vaccine” program is failing in the USA and NH. Currently, the deaths with COVID in the USA during 2021 (the jab year) are 103% of the deaths in 2020 (the no jabs year). In New Hampshire, it is 99% in the 9 1/2 months this year (versus the 10 months of COVID last year).

In Cheshire County, where I live, there were seven deaths with COVID last year, and have been 40 this year. Seven deaths, no vaccines, vs. 40 deaths with vaccines.

In New Hampshire, there has been only one death with COVID for someone less than 30 years old. There have been none less than 20 years old. NONE is younger than 20, yet there are vaccine mandates in colleges, and younger children are also being targeted for vaccination.

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With less than 5% of the world’s population, the USA has more than 54% of the world’s active cases.

Recently the NH AG has said that the current demands from the national government are no different than before. That is your bad. You should check how prior contracts have affected the limitations on medical treatment in our hospitals. The suppression of treatments that work could in part explain the 54% number.

I have been following the age distribution of deaths with COVID since April 7 this year. You can see the vaccine damage in the age groups receiving the vaccination. This month 21 have died with COVID greater than age 70; you might check on how many of these got vaccinated.

Why is the VAERS system so inadequate in reporting vaccine damage? Recently I have seen claims that the actuals are 20 times higher; we can’t know.

The underlying disease the vaccines are allegedly trying to eliminate has been greatly exaggerated. You may have noticed that I use the words deaths WITH COVID. The mainstream press muddles the issue by using the preposition “of” or “from” instead of with. We should also want to know BECAUSE OF COVID.

The CDC reported near the end of 2020 that only 6% of certificates of deaths with COVID had COVID alone. 94% had an average of 2.6 co-morbidities. If we treat all morbidities equally (an assumption), less than ⅓ (6 + 94/3.6 = 32 percent) of deaths with COVID are deaths BECAUSE OF COVID. The 354,000 deaths with COVID at the end of 2020 translates to more like 113000 because of COVID (still too high IMHO because of other data “errors” by CDC).

I don’t know the answer for 2021, as the vaccine muddles the issue further. It looks to me that the vaccine is spreading other diseases along with the COVID. In April this year, Beth Daly told us that there were only one or two people who had died with COVID less than age 65 with no co-morbidities in NH.

In his pushback against Dr. Shibinette, Representative Weyler was correct. Shibinette’s numbers have been debunked. Dr. Shibinette should be investigated for this as well as the suppression of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) during 2020. When I went to my pharmacist to price and check the availability of HCQ this year in March, he knew about the April 3, 2020, order, but not about the September 1, 2020 rescission.

The pushback and revenge portion of the COVID story has begun. This week I signed an internationally supported petition to the International Criminal Court for Nuremberg 2. In the second phase, they will be going after medical and government people, as in Nuremberg 1. Please also see the India portion of the link above on this matter.

On WCBS this weekend, I heard from a nurse in Idaho who was afraid of the reaction that wearing her scrubs would get from the public. Can you imagine that?

During the break at your last meeting, there was a person who spoke most but wasn’t covered in the local press. She said she was a single mother of three who had worked in nursing for 10 years and would lose her job due to her employer’s mandate. Do you think that the near-monopoly that Dartmouth-Hitchcock has is good for health in New Hampshire?

The Governor says he relies on data. He needs better help, and that won’t be coming from the national government. I hope to be at your meeting today if you have any questions. I will bring my computer but might need Internet access.

I would recommend you table or bury the contract/motion, subscribe to, and read RFK Jr’s site Children’s Health Defense and Just the News (both free). Also, see the movies VAXXED and VAXXED II.

VAXXED is not an anti-vaccine movie but describes the politics we face today. VAXXED II is anti-vaccine and more personal and could be biased.

Also, please investigate our hospitals for medical treatment suppressions that you and/or NH HHS may have caused in cooperation with the national government. My understanding is that EUA is illegal in the USA for medical experiments when alternatives are available.




Joseph Mirzoeff – Keene NH