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Looks like COVID is Almost Over!

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It looks like COVID is almost over!  Both Brazil and India confirm early treatment solutions and medical freedom are the answers.  And specifically, not requiring the COVID vaccines.

Lifesitenews.com reports on Brazil President Bolsonaro’s speech before the UN General Assembly, titled “Brazil’s President condemns vaccine passports and suppression of early COVID treatments.”

For India, see Paul Craig Roberts’s article at globalresearch.ca, titled, Indian Bar Association Charges WHO Scientist for Mass Murder, or, visit the milder version at GraniteGrok.com, titled, More Please: WHO Scientist That Spoke Out Against Using Ivermectin Charged with Mass Murder.

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If you like, go to the data at Worldometers.info/coronavirus.  Click India, Brazil, and the USA. Scroll down to the active case and daily death graphs in each country.

Brazil and India look the same, with active cases disappearing and daily deaths decreasing.

daily deaths Covid usa

daily deaths covid brazil



Brazil currently has 4% of the USA’s active cases, India has 3% of the USA’s active cases.

The USA active cases are increasing and are currently at an all-time high, at more than half the world’s active cases.  Deaths in the USA are also growing.  These graphs are startling.

active covid cases usa

active covid cases brazil

active covid cases india


When COVID began, it may have seemed like a good case for a globalist government since viruses travel everywhere. However, if the authoritarians in WHO, China, or the USA were entirely in charge, we would never have learned what India and Brazil have now demonstrated.

We are clearly getting inferior medical/health treatment here in the USA, along with our highest medical costs in the world.  We need to accommodate and encourage early treatments of COVID and not allow these treatments to be suppressed, as our medical and government authorities have been doing.  We also need to insist on a better job of documenting vaccine injury and making such information public and transparent.

Finally, we need to deal with the perpetrators of the COVID frauds and create a new and less counterproductive healthcare system. Both are difficult tasks.  Live Free or Die!