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Don't take the Cheese

Free Cheese – or Free Men?

I attended the Executive Council meeting with Governor Sununu on 10/13/21 at the Police Standards and Training campus in Concord. 300 citizens concerned with $27Million in Federal Covid Vaccine Funds with strings attached attended the meeting.

Rebuild NH

RebuildNH Expresses Gratitude for Executive Council’s Support for Constitution

Vote Against $27 Million Shows that Peaceful & Civil Engagement Can Keep Government In Check. EAST DERRY, N.H.—RebuildNH is celebrating the NH Executive Council’s 4-1 vote today to reject $27 million in federal funds that would have created 13 state vaccine propaganda positions and expanded the state’s unconstitutional vaccine registry,

Rebuild NH

Stop NH From Exchanging Your State Sovereignty for Federal Money

Rather than address the people’s concerns about $27 million in federal funds that are slated to spread vaccine propaganda and enhance an unconstitutional vaccine database, Gov. Chris Sununu has spent the last two weeks attacking concerned citizens as “conspiracy theorists” and spreading misinformation of his own.

Rebuild NH

Here’s Our Message to the Executive Council Following Wednesday’s Meeting

This is the letter we emailed this evening to the Executive Council following their postponement of the vote on $27 million in grant monies on Wednesday. We expect them to vote on the matter on Wednesday, Oct. 13 at their 10 a.m. meeting, and we would suggest that you use our language as an example …

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