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This Stuff Needs a Big Double Flush

toilet face flush

The New Hampshire Legislature, United States Congress, and, in particular, the Executive Branch of this Country are loaded to the gump stump with years of so-called experience, which in and of itself is a problem.

It is like a giant toilet full of old relationships, grudges, false smiles, fake congeniality, good old boy mentality, my favorite lobbyists, “don’t worry, I got your back,” and general corruption.  This stuff needs a Big Double Flush with a Sani-Flush chaser.  Don’t forget to turn on the overhead fan cause it’s a stinker.

I have a local NH State Representative (John Mann) and a local State Senator (Jay Kahn).  I have a US House Representative (Anne Kuster) and two United States Senators (Maggie Hassan and ).  Holy moly! What an All-Star cast! But do you think ANY of them are representing just one of my views?  Absolutely Not!  Thus, a classic reason for hitting the flush lever.

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My faith is in the younger folks.  Those with the ability to cast aside the current congressional mentality/history and plot a new and focused path back to where we came from.  This path must include American History and Civics in our education system and drop this Critical Race Theory crap.

These younger folks need to read and fully understand the United States Constitution and all its Amendments and make good on their pledge to uphold it.

When I watch our executive banty rooster in the oval office with his attending scratch, scratch, back up, and double peck hen as his second, I search for an expeditious means to remove this chicken coup.

In addition, with expeditious removal of the two largest wastes of Oxygen known to mankind – that being the Speaker of US House of Representatives and the Majority Leader of the US Senate, our country’s environment would clean up substantially.

We need to come together and restore our sanity.


Rich Anderson
Alstead, NH