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The Teaching Of Critical Race Theory in Public Schools Must Be Challenged In Court

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Whether or not HB544 passes or fails in New Hampshire, it is of serious importance that public officials familiarize themselves with the following information regarding the Constitutional right to Freedom of Conscience and Religion and the paths to preserving these rights for Americans in the face of CRT indoctrination.

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Please read the following document on Freedom of Conscience and Religion case law (also attached as a PDF). It is important (imperative) to discuss this material’s implications with lawyers who comprehend Constitutional law.

Individual Freedom of Conscience and Thought is the foundation of all American freedoms, especially Freedom of Religion. It is essential to preserve every liberty involving the sovereignty of each person´s individual mind (and their ability to make individual, independent choices).

There are at least two legal paths showing how CRT indoctrination in public schools taught to children is unconstitutional.

CRT taught as incontestable fact violates both the establishment clause and the free exercise clause of the first amendment.

¨The First Amendment has two clauses related to religion: one preventing the government establishment of religion (the “Establishment Clause”) and the other protecting the ability to freely exercise religious beliefs (the “Free Exercise Clause”).


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