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Watermarked Ballots: If This Is Real – What’s Holding Them Back?


I see how Dr. Steve Pieczenik and Tony Shaffer support each other (regarding the questionable blockchain marked ballot idea). Yet I fail to see anything happening that’s concrete. Until I actually do see something concrete – color me skeptical.

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Dr. Steve Pieczenik was on bitchute:

Earlier there was Tony Shaffer with this

Tony Shaffer Tweet

The ballots were supposedly marked secretly and they know how many were involved as well as where they were – fake ballots will clearly show on audit – so far though I see very little substance backing up these claims and talk is cheap – if this is real – what’s holding them back?

We know for certain that this election was stolen – but the response thus far by the GOP has been tepid at best – adding credence to neither party actually being on our side.

The fat cats obviously do not care about us, it’s all about them. Millionaires at the public trough that demand we chip in to get them re-elected to office while they often vote against our best interests (Mike Lee & his H1B visas for example).

If you are like me your choice generally amounts to the lesser of evils. Nobody with any brain wants to be ruled by the communist left, but nobody trusts the GOP to have our best interest at heart either.

We all trust Trump but this travesty of an election sticks in our craw.

We have been totally disenfranchised by the fraudulent left’s machinations. Our votes were undercut and meaningless. This will not likely end well for the commies, there will be inevitable repercussions.

But enough posturing, let’s see some solid action to defeat this fraud. Whatever it takes just do it. No more hinting that it’s coming – act! Do something or just Shut up!

You’re either with us or against us, you can’t be both.

And tip-toeing round Google/Twitter/Facebook/Apple censorship is likewise simply not any acceptable expedient.

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Enough is way more than enough. Stand up and be heard, otherwise just crawl off, assume the fetal position, and die. You’re already essentially dead anyway. Your vacillating gives them power they do not deserve.

To paraphrase Patrick Henry: “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their ‘country’.”

If we fail to do so we will surely lose our country, and deservedly so.