ReOpenNH: City-Wide Mask Mandate Defeated in Manchester! - Granite Grok

ReOpenNH: City-Wide Mask Mandate Defeated in Manchester!

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We wanted to write with the details of what happened in Manchester. Contrary to the usual track record of government putting harsher penalties on the People then they put on themselves, Manchester officials actually LISTENED TO YOU and DEFEATED the citywide mask mandate in a vote of 5-8!

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Manchester Aldermen did pass one ordinance that applies only at city-controlled buildings, but it has a lot of loopholes built in and no fines.

Read it carefully so you know how to avoid wearing a mask if you have to go into a Manchester city-owned building. More importantly, the citywide mandate was DEFEATED that would have affected everyone who lives in, works in or visits Manchester! This is the one we’re talking about: (PDF). It’s dead!

Please cordially email the Mayor and Aldermen and thank them for listening to reason and the will of the People and doing the right thing. You may find their email addresses here (PDF).

Please also use this experience as an example of how to defeat mandates in other communities. Our campaign to email the aldermen worked!

Mask protest group Absolute Defiance holding rallies twice a week worked!

There were other efforts of many people involved with this issue, and we can’t thank them all, but the important thing is that their efforts worked.


Andrew J. Manuse, Chairman, ReOpenNH


Manchester NH Face Covering Rule for City Buildings