BLM Vigil 'After Party' - Mostly Self-Loathing White Kids Who Have Been Taught to Hate AmericaBLM Vigil 'After Party' - Mostly Self-Loathing White Kids Who Have Been Taught to Hate America - Granite Grok

BLM Vigil ‘After Party’ – Mostly Self-Loathing White Kids Who Have Been Taught to Hate America

Self-Loathing White Youth

Last night “Black Lives Matter” held a vigil at Stark Park in Manchester. They had already held a protest the weekend before but for some reason wanted to hold another, one that started at 8PM at night. There were threats of Antifa Communists who were planning on rioting and looting the city, especially the South Willow Street area where there are a slew of businesses along the street. A 19 year old Granite Stater was arrested for inciting violence.

The vigil itself was peaceful but the young punks who went on to march down Elm Street and then South Willow, had nothing but bad intentions. It was the ‘After Party’ of the peaceful vigil that was held. There was no reason for any of these kids (and yes, the majority were kids – teens and early twenties) to be on South Willow Street. Absolutely NONE.

Young kid showing the Communist solidarity fist on way to BLM Vigil 'After Party'
Young kid on his way to the BLM Vigil ‘After Party’ (it was actually still going on at the time so he probably wasn’t there)

One guy was handing out water bottles to throw at the police (there was a full water bottle lodged at police but the kid missed) while others were shooting fireworks into the street and several got into the cops’ faces and were screaming obscenities (NOTE: mostly white kids). There were kids driving up and down the street for hours before they gathered at the Petco parking lot (yes, businesses were boarded up and no, nothing was open. AGAIN, there was no reason for any of them to be there other than they had bad intentions). Most of South Willow Street is quiet on any regular Tuesday night after 10PM but even more so during the ‘pandemic’ when many places close even earlier than normal. There were 13 people arrested last night by the Manchester Police.

Then there was this moron, Keagan Hall, who decided he wanted to get up in the faces of people he didn’t know and act like a tough guy. That is, until the police came over to stop him. Then he ran like a little b*tch. He was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Keagan Hall
Stupid white boy tried to get up in the faces of people standing on the other side from the protesters. It didn’t turn out well for him.

Someone tried to claim the ‘gathering’ was impromptu but that’s far from the truth. Some of these kids were never at the vigil, they had been scoping out the street during it and were gathering long before it was over. There were also several protesters who wanted no part of any mayhem or violence and were loudly reiterating that.

Good thing the Manchester Police were having none of it. They were out in force along with the NH State Police and the National Guard so Manchester wouldn’t become another victim of violent rioting scum like in so many other cities.

MPD weren't messing around
Manchester Police weren’t taking any chances with the violence, rioting and looting they’ve seen across the country. They were out in force.

There were also armed Granite Staters scattered throughout the city who were not going to tolerate any destructive behavior.

What is truly sad about this entire event is how badly so many white people hate themselves. For some reason, they believe their lives aren’t as important as black lives. For some reason, they believe black people are killed more by cops than white people. This is completely false, especially in New Hampshire where police brutality happens but is white on white. There never seem to be any protests on those occasions.

The saddest photo I’ve ever taken at any event I’ve covered was the one of the young white kid kneeling while holding his little fist in the air in solidarity with Communists (yes, that fist symbol is the symbol of Communists). He was kneeling and trying to get the police to kneel. He has been taught that his life is less important, that he was born racist and that he was born privileged because of his skin color. None of these things are true of course, but that doesn’t matter.

The left, along with their flying monkeys in the media, have so indoctrinated the youth in K-12 education, colleges and on television that these kids really believe they should hate themselves; hate the cops and hate America. They have indoctrinated black youth to believe they are victims and need to blame everyone for anything bad that happens in their lives and that white people hate them because of their skin color.

That’s what this really boils down to, the left hates America and Americans and has succeeded in teaching children that. These children grow into hateful adults who in turn, teach your children, people like Bill Ayers and his heinous wife, who are both professors.

Black Lives Matter has become nothing but a well-funded astroturfing organization. They care nothing about black lives and everything about pushing an extreme leftist agenda, which, as history has proven, harms the black community the most.