Mayor Joyce Craig's Left-Coast Buddy Eric Garcetti Oversees a Dirty Infected Third World City-State - Granite Grok

Mayor Joyce Craig’s Left-Coast Buddy Eric Garcetti Oversees a Dirty Infected Third World City-State

Mayor Joyce Craig

Earlier this year we reported the Thyphus outbreak in Los Angeles. The homelessness, mountains of trash, and rats, which are creating a cascade of sanitary and health emergencies.

For a primer on the promise of Democrat-run Big Government Socialism look west young paper-straw-using trans-man or trans-woman. Where liberal policies sowed deep into the hollowed-out heart of a once sparkling coastline, have borne poison fruit. To which we can add a growing Typhus epidemic.

LA’s homelessness epidemic, a root cause of the health issues, continues to spread. Swanky neighborhoods now have increased crime and trash as problems persist. It has gotten so bad that one Doctor has suggested that LA may already have The Plague.

“We have a complete breakdown of the basic needs of civilization in Los Angeles right now,” Pinsky told Fox New host Laura Ingraham. “We have the three prongs of airborne disease, tuberculosis is exploding, rodent-borne. We are one of the only cities in the country that doesn’t have a rodent control program, and sanitation has broken down.”

[Dr. Drew] Pinsky said bubonic plague — also known as the “Black Death,” a pandemic that killed off millions in the 14th century — is “likely” already present in Los Angeles.

The Black Death wiped out as many as 200 million people, and while it can be treated with modern antibiotics, it has to be identified before the carrier problem gets out of hand or it spreads as Pneumonic plague.

You need to identify and deal with the pests: rats, mice, and out in LA – squirrels, and even chipmunks. And that problem is a result of garbage in the streets. And that issue is a result of the homelessness problem. Which is entirely the result of decades of Liberal mismanagement, that is currently being overseen (and or being made worse) by LA Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Unless you forgot, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti is a big fan of Manchester mayor Joyce Craig, or is that the other way around? Did he give her any pointers while he was here? Manchester Homelessness problem has gotten worse under Mayor Craig Plague. Are tent cities, trash, rats, Tuberculosis, and Typhus outbreaks next?