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Cranky Mayor Craig Has Hwy Dept. Confiscate Her Opponents Campaign Signs Before Trump Rally

If you went to the Trump rally yesterday, you saw campaign signs outside. Steve Negron was there. Gen. Don Bolduc for Senate had signs everywhere. But no Victoria Sullivan signs. The Mayor’s office, her Democrat incumbent opponent, ordered them to all be removed.

Victoria has some video she posted about it yesterday. Before the event (I’ve shared that below). But Joe Kelly Levasseur “broke the news” this morning (in my mind) about Cranky Mayor Joyce Craig’s devious Democrat designs against her challenger.

One very angry and miserable mayor. Allegedly ordered the Highway Dept to take down Victoria Wojdylak Sullivan signs down around SNHU Arena and wanted the Jumbotron’s removed. Seriously – she’s a north end snob who thinks she’s better than everyone else.

You can see the Jumbotron here – Kimberly shot some quick video of the crowd outside during the president’s remarks. That didn’t go anywhere. And the people watching it? By order of the City Fire Marshall, the SNHU Arena was at its maximum occupancy. Hundreds were left to watch (on the jumbotron) outside the event. With no Victoria Sullivan signs in view thanks to Cranky Mayor Craig.

How convenient is that? Thousands of Republicans drive into Manchester and not a Republican candidate for mayor sign to be seen.

Bolduc signAs noted, other people had campaign signs. Senate candidate Don Bolduc had them on the road (everywhere) heading up to the Arena. Still there when I was sitting in traffic at 10 pm waiting to go home and even the day after. And, still there today. >>>

<<< Another reader sent me this imageBerquist 1 Dem for schhol board.  William Berquist is a Democrat running for the Board of School Committee in Manchester. I’ve been told he had a few campaign signs on traffic routes to the event that we’re being taken down today. Not by the city employees but what looked to be a campaign volunteer. 

And while Victoria was told it had something to do with the Trump event, it’s apparently a very limited restriction. As far as we can tell, the only signs that were prohibited were those of Cranky Craig’s Republican challenger.

Victoria Sullivan.

Featured Image Credit: Beth Scaer