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A Reader’s Rant On What Only Took 9 Months to “Accomplish”

Joe Biden Corn Maze - Image Credit Reddit

I hope all you Democrats and NeverTrumpers who voted for Dunce Biden are happy with your choice. Food shortages, food prices spike, gas prices spike, electricity prices spike, brown outs coming, blackouts coming, face mask mandates, vaccine mandates, house prices skyrocketing.

Tax hikes, gas shortages coming, hacking our fuel supply system, oil prices skyrocketing, empty shelves in stores, labor shortages, more deaths from Covid than in 2020, our country being overrun with illegal immigrants, Afghanistan 13 dead soldiers, useless vice president, China going on the offensive, Russia going on the offensive, and so much more and more to come that you can bank on it.

Thanks for giving us the most corrupt, inept, and stupid president in US history and Obama’s corrupt and USA destroying 3rd term.

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