If leftists get their way on eliminating police, we'll be in hell - Granite Grok

If leftists get their way on eliminating police, we’ll be in hell

Leftist Thinking

Innovative, well-thought-out leftist reasoning examined. Defund the Police: The positives would be the government saving billions every year. Consider how much tax money we allocate to recruit, train, equip, and supply our police forces. That wouldn’t be the only savings either.

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Without police, there would be no need for courts, judges, or lawyers, after all, who would enforce any court decisions. Jails? Jails and prisons would be obsolete, with no need for guards, social workers, psychiatrists, or any prison supporting staffing.

Negatives? Well, first you are on your own. Home invasion, carjacking, assaults, you better be better armed than the invaders/criminals or a member of your local mutual defense network of shoot first ask questions later ideology. Mistake, so what, who’s gonna arrest you or sue you, even question you, unless they have more guns than their gang. And every big corporation will field their own “security.” Try suing them, then.

Got a job dispute, forget any legal remedy you will have to pay your union to field it’s own “union police” and there goes those billions of government savings you would have.

Ahh, so well thought out, so reasonable and logical but doesn’t it sound so good coming from lawless rioting, looting thieves and crooked politicians? At least they would be among the first in the massive body counts of this lawless hell they advocate for.

No excuses can be made for the four cops in the “first degree” George Floyd murder, none. Nor can there be any excuses made for the criminals rioting, looting, burning, and assaulting and trying to make out that Floyd was some law-abiding pillar of the community either.

It is flat out a lie that blacks are being singled out because of police racism. Candace Owens, a black, female commentator spells it out for us. With 13 percent of the population, 6 percent of the black communities commit 40 percent of the crime; and 50 percent of violent offenses are committed by blacks. Check her out, she’s on the internet, google her.

So where should police be looking, Jewish neighborhoods, Buddhist, Muslim, you tell me? These “demonstrations” are pure politically motivated leftist actions to try to affect the coming elections; justice has nothing to do with them. They get their way and we will find ourselves in a hell we can’t escape from.