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Potassium Metathorinate

Please forgive the click-bait title… you probably said “Potassium Meta-WTF-is-he-talking-about”?

going through the motions until the shooting starts

Somedays It Feels a Lot Like This…

Nitzakhon took over the meme thing, and that’s good. They seem more committed to it than I ever was, so the experience is better for the readers. That’s the goal. But I still troll the digital spheres for memes, and this one (above) struck me as, well, relevant.

jfk peaceful and violent revolutions

Paging JFK…

I have watched many video clips of protests against Jab mandates globally, and see growing numbers of instances of police behaving like actual brownshirts, not the admirable men & women in blue that I’ve respected in the past – Australia being a most notable example, one video:

Trump Border Security Address

US vs. The Ruling Class

You may have seen or heard what I’m about to share. But for some reason, while it has been around for 8 months, I’ve missed it. And while the issues covered are not new, I somehow missed these remarks by President Trump. Words that we need to hear.