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Why Sununu Rants Against Republicans

Sun King Sununu

Skip recently posted BlogQuestion of the Day – So, Will NH Governor Chris Sununu Keep Ranting at Republicans? To answer Skip’s question, we need to understand why Sununu resorts to rants. We can place his rants into two categories.

The first category comprises ranting in response to Executive Councilors Kenney and Wheeler suggesting that New Hampshire prohibit business COVID-mandates, So, Now We Know What Sun-King Sununu Really Means by “Unity”.

These rants also smear Governors Abbott and DeSantis, Sun-King Unhinged … Sununu Calls Governors Abbott and DeSantis “Communists” and “Un-American”, who have led the GOP charge against business COVID-mandates.

The second category comprises selected targets among those who question the efficacy of trying to vaccinate everyone against COVID.

This categorization is essentially how the Sununu-friendly, NeverTrump/RINO NHJournal described the Sun-King’s rantings:

Gov. Chris Sununu took direct aim at his fellow Republicans on the Executive Committee the day after they voted down federal COVID-19 funding, calling their actions uninformed and irrational. During a Thursday morning interview on WGIR radio, Sununu singled out Executive Councilors Joseph Kenney and David Wheeler by name, saying they live in a “bizarro world” of conspiracy and misinformation. … Sununu also mocked their claims to be “quote-unquote conservatives” after their proposal the state order private businesses to stop requiring vaccines for their employees. “That’s what Communist Russia does,” Sununu said.

Let’s start with business COVID-mandates. As I discussed in Sun-King Unhinged … Sununu Calls Governors Abbott and DeSantis “Communists” and “Un-American”, government regulations to protect employees from unsafe and unfair working conditions are not Communism.

For example, are we Communists because we set a limit on the number of hours a business can require an employee to work before allowing a lunch break … or require businesses to pay overtime when they require employees to work in excess of 40 hours per week? Are we Communists because we do not allow businesses to fire employees because of “age, sex, gender identity, race, creed, color, marital status, physical or mental disability or national origin”? Of course not.

Yet prohibiting businesses from firing employees because they choose not to be vaccinated against COVID somehow crosses the line into Communism? Absurd.

Sununu has to resort to the ludicrously hyperbolic argument that protecting employees from business COVID-mandates would be communistic because it is not possible to actually defend the mandates as good or even necessary. To name but one example, it is not possible to make a rational argument that businesses need to force an employee with natural immunity against COVID to take the COVID-jab in order to protect that employee, or other employees, from COVID.

So Sununu resorts to name-calling …“That’s what Communist Russia does” … because that is all he has got.

(As a parenthetical observation, it is noteworthy that Sununu points to Russia, which abandoned one-party Communist rule in 1991, and not China, a police-state controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, as the paradigm of Communism. Perhaps Sununu is being secretly advised by Eric Swalwell?)

If I am wrong and Sununu is considering a run for United States Senate, or even for reelection, he better stop this category of rants. At best, he makes himself look like a fool by calling patriotic Americans and solid conservatives like Abbott and DeSantis un-American and Communists. At worst, he is seen as practicing McCarthyism AGAINST HIS OWN PARTY.

Expect the second category of rants … that disagreeing with Sununu on COVID policy means one “live[s] in a “bizarro world” of conspiracy and misinformation” … to continue.

Note though that Sununu only went after Kenney and Wheeler, even though all four GOP Executive Councilors opposed taking more COVID-dollars from the Biden regime. The reason for the selective outrage is that the purpose of criticizing Kenney and Wheeler, and more generically the “extremists” and the “fringe” is to appeal to Independent voters.

Councilors Gatsas and Stevens are perceived as moderates, and nobody would consider them “extremists” or “on the fringe.” So even though they voted with Kenney and Wheeler, Sununu left them alone.

“Team Sununu” has decided that the Sun-King gains more votes from Indies than he loses from the Right by ranting. The assumption is that the protesters at the Executive Council meeting represent a bloc of voters who are not going to vote for Sununu no matter what, so nothing is lost by ranting at them … while at the same time he may gain votes from Indies because he stood up to the “extremists” and the “fringe.”

In short, expect the second category of ranting to continue.