Smells Like BS: 3 out of 4 COVID Deaths in VT Were Vaccinated But 9 out of 10 in NH Were Unvaccinated? - Granite Grok

Smells Like BS: 3 out of 4 COVID Deaths in VT Were Vaccinated But 9 out of 10 in NH Were Unvaccinated?

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Vermont and Wales appear to have a similar problem. Not COVID so much as the reporting about COVID. The BBC says nearly 13% of confirmed cases in hospital are unvaccinated. Vermont says, “Eight of the 33 deaths in September were not vaccinated.” Do you see what they did there?

The actual “news” is that 87% of the cases in Wales are vaccinated, and 76% of the COVID deaths for September in Vermont were vaccinated. More people are getting COVID and dying in these places after vaccination than the unvaccinated.

No, the watchdogs in the media are not asleep; they are deliberately barking up the wrong tree. It is a pandemic of misinformation, if anything, and a far more dangerous disease. One we must consider in the face of this news.

Last month the State of New Hampshire alleged that 96.5% of NH COVID infections and 93.5% of all deaths are among the unvaccinated.

New Hampshire advantage, indeed.

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Everyone is getting one of the same three horsemen jabs of the COVID apocalypse, but for some mysterious reason, they do not get as sick and die here the way they do next door in Vermont. Nor in Massachusetts, other parts of the UK, or Israel, to name a few.

In those places, a majority, upwards of 60-80% of new COVID infections and a majority of COVID deaths, are among the vaccinated. But in New Hampshire, over 90% of both are reportedly unvaccinated? How can this be?

I don’t think it can. NH DHHS says it has not had time to compile and release the underlying data to the public, just the results.

Yes, they can tell us with exacting detail that 96.5% of NH COVID infections and 93.5% of deaths are among the unvaccinated but not how they arrived at these results. I think they are lying. I think they know. I bet they included infections and deaths before we ever had a vaccine.

This is all political PR. See, also- Bullsh!t!

The Scam

These numbers arrive in the midst of a two-pronged effort to spend more tax dollars on pro-vaccine marketing. Over 840,000 was allotted for the second phase of a PR push using public health professionals (probably not those getting fired for refusing The Jab) to tell people how safe and necessary it is.

The second involves tens of millions from the Feds with the condition that we, at some future date, do the bidding of the CDC. A Faustian bargain the governor is so greedy to make he’s smearing members of his own party. A deal that the AG who works for that governor insists will NOT tie our hands in the future if we take the money regardless of what the contract says.

NH DHHS has released these “results” minus proof for political leverage, maybe at the governor’s suggestion or perhaps at the hands of some pro-vaccine PR cabal in state government to get the votes they need.

Get the contracts approved by the Executive Council and the Legislative Fiscal Committee and then silently release the underlying data in the future, but only if they must.

While they’re at it, maybe they can promote some of this data as well. We not only don’t need the Jab money or the strings attached, but we also don’t really need The Jab™ either.


NH Covid data chart 10-9-21 pt 1


This is the underlying data from the state since they started keeping track, and you don’t need a medical degree to see what it means. Almost no one needs to fear this thing, certainly, no one who is healthy and under 70.

But here we are, fed deceptions, misconceptions, and misdirection in pursuit of dollars that don’t even exist, that we do not need or could at least put to better use, but this is what they want and they will happily deceive you to get it.