Out of 430 Cases, Nearly 70% of Provincetown COVID-Cluster is Vaccinated - Granite Grok

Out of 430 Cases, Nearly 70% of Provincetown COVID-Cluster is Vaccinated

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Another myth bites the dust and hard.  The lefty Press had been pressing the narratives into your face. It sounds like this. Most cases are unvaccinated. Are they? Not in Provincetown Massachusettes.

Local health officials report as many as 430 confirmed cases, with 69% of them among the vaccinated.


Seventy-one percent of the cases among Massachusetts residents were found to be symptomatic, with 69 percent of the affected people fully vaccinated. The symptoms have predominantly been mild, except for two in-state hospitalizations and one hospitalization outside of Massachusetts.


Symptoms have been mild for almost anyone who caught the damn thing before the experimental inoculating began. Outside of the obese, diabetic, and very old, the Wuhan Flu has been the flu, like every other. Only media hype, flawed tests, and the dopey political response have made it into something more.

A thing for which folks are being herded into clinics and offices to get an unapproved, untested shot that has killed thousands and injured many more.

And over in Israel, where they vaccinated just about everyone, they have a severe spike and a significant problem in what I believe is a majority vaccinated nation.

And the odds are good this sort of thing will not be limited to Israel. As flu season arrives, anyone who did not develop herd immunity and got a shot may find themselves more, not less susceptible.  The liberal response to this epidemiological failure is obvious.

They will go back to failed masks and lockdowns.

They will blame the unvaccinated.

They may try to force them to take the poison that is likely killing people who get COVID variants (not here, of course, we have a law that prohibits forced vaccination in NH – probably not emergency order-proof though if it came to that), and they’ll try.

And it could get ugly.

And China will do none of this and watch their handiwork as progressive water-carriers weaken the nation even further.

Seem like a lot to get out of a story about P-Town, but then it’s not just about them. It never is; they are just a canary in the COVID coal mine.