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New Hampshire to Spend Another $844,000.00 to Convince You To Get The Jab™

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As reported last week, New Hampshire’s Executive Council (EC) was scheduled to vote on the expense of some “federal” money earmarked for pro-covid vaccination marketing. They voted 4-1 to spend it.


The new ad campaign will target residents under 40 years old, those living in census tracts with lower vaccination rates, as well as populations traditionally underserved by the health care system. About 54 percent of New Hampshire residents are currently fully vaccinated.

“The people who will be featured in this campaign are New Hampshire nurses and doctors, as well as residents talking to people who they know, and look like them, and live where they live, and telling them why they got the vaccine,” Jake Leon, spokesperson for DHHS, told councilors.


Your devices will be blanketed with ads, including people dressed as doctors and nurses who will encourage you to get The Jab™.

We should also expect to see Chris Sununu’s smiling face. His presence in the previous round of advertising was cited as Democrat Cindi Warmington’s reason vore voting no. The sole dissenter was the only Democrat on the Council.


Warmington cast the only no vote against the latest contract and later tweeted that Sununu “used the first $400k to run campaign ads promoting himself rather than using research-proven tactics to increase vaccine rates. I won’t let another $884k go to waste for his political gain.”


I agree with the vote to block the spending because these vaccines – without getting into it all over again – are a waste of time and money (as is the ad campaign). The targeted age group in these ads has more to fear from the inoculation than the pathogen.

With over 13,000 deaths, tens of thousands of impairments, and hundreds of thousands of negative reactions, not getting vaccinated is statistically safer for anyone under 40, especially in the Granite State.

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After 18 months of this, eight residents under the age of 40 in New Hampshire have died from any strain of COVID. Of those, only one death occurred under the age of 30, and zero deaths were under 20.

Those 8 were, with high probability, overweight, diabetic, or had cancer or some complex chronic illness. They were also mishandled by the public health machine. They may have died needlessly.

The NIH and CDC have focused almost entirely on treatment once hospitalized and the pursuit of a vaccine. For all the talk of hospital beds, these bureaucrats did very little to prevent that and a lot to prevent frontline doctors and nurses, the folks in these upcoming ads, from doing whatever it took to keep people out of them.

There are numerous widely available low-cost (affordable) treatments from asymptomatic (as a prophylactic) to early symptomatic onset that, if taken, keep people out of the hospital altogether.

There are no side effects unless you mean not getting this flu at all or having mild symptoms for a few days before recovery.

Most were bad-mouthed (and still are) by the CDC, NIH, the media, and Democrats like Warmington, who, mark her words, just said she approves of promoting vaccination but didn’t want the money spent for political gain.

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She doesn’t mean that.

Democrats love spending other people’s money for political gain. As proof, I give you the Federal government, and Democrats, in particular, whose “careers” live and die by it. You raise taxes and then launder it through the DC machine, then brag (advertise) about how you got it back without mentioning the rules or strings it lacked before you took it.

The Jab seems much the same. 0The government took the money, laundered it, and now NH’s EC will spend it to convince people who don’t need it that they need it – in the name of public health – when their health is at greater risk with it than without.

In a state where we have a law that prohibits the government from mandating vaccination.