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COVID Cases Among Fully Vaccinated Mirror Percentage of “Vaccinated” in Every Age Group

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In July, the average daytime temperature in Isreal is close to 88 degrees. COVID19 hates the heat, as do all flu viruses and their mutated offspring. Sunlight and increased vitamin D make flu spikes unheard of in summer, at least until the COVID vaccine came along.

If you want to talk about an unprecedented public health crisis, look at nations all over the globe that are seeing spikes in flu cases in the summer? At a time when the public health machinery is practically (and in some places is) mandating protective measures, including inoculations.

Quick note: the number of flu cases for the summer is surprising, but the actual numbers do not in any way constitute a crisis. As a percentage of the population or any given age group, the numbers are minuscule, with survival rates near 100% for most of the population. Let’s remember this as we review the details.

The Epoch Times has a great piece that digs into this a bit (there’s a lot of bureaucratic nonsense affecting the numbers, to be sure), but that’s where this table came from. It shows positive COVID cases among the fully vaccinated by age group during July in Israel.

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Remember, it is now sunny, and this should be impossible.


Vaccinated COVID cases Israel care of Epoch Times
Vaccinated COVID cases Israel care of Epoch Times


The number of unvaccinated cases is a fraction of the cases among the vaccinated, which should be a narrative killer. But what strikes me as more interesting is that the percentage of cases among the fully vaccinated is so similar to the percentage of the population fully vaccinated that it’s freaky.

The experts have created a “cure” that makes you more likely to get sick.  A vaccine that’s not even a vaccine.

It looks that way, though, again, do not buy into the media hype. The positive spike is still a pathetic fraction of total demographics statewide (in NH, for example) and in respective age groups. There is also the matter of the continued use of a test that is not made to do what is being asked.

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You need to be aware of one other quirk, especially in the US (emphasis mine).


As reported by the Associated Press, “The CDC itself has not estimated what percentage of hospitalizations and deaths are in fully vaccinated people, citing limitations in the data.”

At the same time, data collection is done on a state by state basis. In most states, a person is only considered fully vaccinated fourteen days after they have had the full series of the vaccine.

This means that anyone coming into an American hospital who has only had one dose, or who has had both vaccines but had the second one less than two weeks prior, will likely be counted as “unvaccinated.”


Factor this in, and the number of unvaccinated drops while the number of “vaccinated” rises. And that’s important. Some people die within 3 days of getting “vaccinated.” Follow the guidelines means that those vaccinated individuals are counted as unvaccinated. A truth that might make already bad news worse.