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Notable Quote: It’s All about the Controlling with Democrats

Jason Osborne-Headshot-300x300 NH Journal

Upon the news that President Asterisk and the self-appointed Ambassadors from the Federal Government to New Hampshire known as Jeanne “Granny” Shaheen, Maggie “The Red” Hassan, Annie “Let me attach myself to AOC” Kuster, and Chris “I smile a lot, don’t I?” Pappas) support the IRS data mining our personal banking accounts over $600.

NH House Majority Leader Jason Osborne (R-Auburn) in the weekly email:

“The Biden Administration and his blind followers in DC are working extremely hard and quickly to dismantle all aspects of freedom and privacy of American citizens. Through our bodies and now our bank accounts, the message out of Washington has been clear: we must control you.”

It is not the business of Washington bureaucrats to know what Granite Staters spend their money on and the IRS has no business tracking that information. The federal government already has their hands in the back pocket of Americans every April when they continuously steal our hard-earned money. Our federal delegation must stand up to this gross invasion of privacy and say enough is enough.”

I dryly point out that while it seems that the Legislature is all about protecting us from the Feds (as they should), Sununu had his Attorney General give him color to give into the Biden Administration. Is this what we can expect if he were to be sent to DC?  Why stop there – why not further south?  Like to Central America?  Maybe there he could make some difference in not supporting our Southern border?

Question: how did NH AG Fromella obtain the powers of a judge to say “we can obviate that part of a legal document” in the first place.