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Chris Sununu – ‘Capitalist Hero’

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Wednesday’s Executive Council meeting was noteworthy. Our Governor confused Socialism with Capitalism and our ill-prepared Executive Council failed to disabuse him of that mistake.

Sununu declared freedom-hesitant NH firms which require mRNA injections for their workers are not “Socialist,” since they are making their own decisions.

To block these private decisions would amount to “Socialism,” Sununu insisted.

Sununu so loves the intellectual confusion he doubled down in a NH Today interview Thursday, saying there is “zero rational argument” coming from those defending workplace liberty.

He said his GOP opponents spout “emotional nonsense” and he’s repeatedly labeled those who oppose the $27 Million in federal funds (which includes paying twelve new hires to oversee new vaccine distribution) as “fringe,” “a tiny minority,” “extremist,” “bizarro” and “anti-government.”

“These aren’t Republicans!,” he declared Thursday.

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The reality is NH businesses do not operate in a regulatory climate we could actually term “capitalist.”

“Capitalism” means firms, workers, and customers coming together to form voluntary agreements in a marketplace free of anti-competitive practices and with well-defined liability, and with access to full information including accurate data and unbiased reports from public officials and agencies.

Does this sound like our current situation? No.

Sununu’s amazing and disingenuous remarks ignore months of drug-industry rent seeking down in Washington and medical censorship that have created the all-or-nothing vaccine rules NH employers now feel pressured to “choose.”

Granite Staters today are constrained by protectionist pharmaceutical-development policies, censorship of medical experts, lost freedoms for licensed physicians who want to prescribe proven off-patent antiviral drugs, blackouts of information about Covid treatment options and natural immunity, lost organ-transplant opportunities, and threats of dishonorable discharge from Military service among other anti-freedom / anti-capitalist policies.

President Biden’s recent jab-or-job ultimatum for firms employing 100 or more employees didn’t help. It had a chilling effect on busy NH business owners who may not follow each day’s news – but they heard that speech.

If you think the dispute at Wednesday’s meeting is a small issue – think again.

The flare-up represents a “fork in the road” which will set the future direction of New Hampshire’s GOP.

Our NH businesses are struggling for their very survival. They see the Feds in Washington “making them an offer they can’t refuse.” They feel trapped – so they take the cheese.

Instead of helping lift the regulatory boot off our necks – Sununu adds his own foot.

And get this, he even had the nerve to “argue” that the other 49 States supported taking the Federal funds in those defeated agenda items so “we should too” – as if Granite Staters reflexively worry about what “other states” are deciding.

Sununu figures he’ll attract more votes than he loses in upcoming campaigns with these sorts of remarks. Loves to say he’s “the balance.” He doesn’t realize he is alienating large numbers of Granite Staters across all political parties.

In Texas and Florida, Governor Abbott signed an executive order and Governor DeSantis signed legislation providing legal measures to block Federal vaccine mandates and passports coercively herding private businesses, employees and customers into one narrow institutional paddock “for care.” Instead of going on talk shows, Governor, how about working on similar state bills to protect our citizens’ rights?

Sununu fancies himself a big defender of freedom – the biggest among the GOP Governors apparently. He said on Thursday that Executive Council members “owe the people an explanation” for their votes.

Well, here you go, Chris. We just gave you the reasons.

GOP precincts, you have plenty to discuss.