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The State of Vermont is Suing Four Major Oil Companies ‘cuz Climate Change

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The Land of Bernie Sanders must have too much time on its hands. It has decided to sue four major oil companies. The state is alleging that “they misled the public about the impact their products have on climate change.”

Remember Eric Schneidermann? He was part of a climate confab involving Al Gore and several state Attorneys General, hosted by the hacks at Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS). They plotted to sue oil companies for negligence over climate change.

Afterward, Schneidermann sued Exxon Mobil for deceiving investors “about the impact of climate change.” The suit was thrown out. Exxon Mobile sued them back, and at some point along the way, the political future of Eric Schneidermann collapsed when it became public knowledge that liked to hit women.

Schneidermann got thrown out too.

On the opposite coast,


Seven cities in California [sued] energy companies claiming that their contribution to global warming puts their municipalities at grave risk. That the energy industry giants misrepresented the dangers and in exchange for this malfeasance these cities should be rewarded with a little court-ordered public policy victory and some jackpot justice.


Exxon countered with detailed requests asking why – if the risk and harm were so significant – did these cities not notify municipal bond investors in their investment literature of these so-called catastrophic risks before taking their money?

Can Vermont survive that sort of hardball?

I don’t think they stand much of a chance, but here we go.


The state wants the companies to tell consumers that the use of fossil fuel products harms the environment, Vermont Attorney General T.J. Donovan said after the lawsuit was filed in Vermont Superior Court in Burlington. … “What we are saying is that Vermonters have the right to know,” Donovan said. “Give Vermonters accurate information. Put a label on the product and let Vermonters decide.”


Okay, then why don’t you insist the same of the Green Energy folks? Both Wind and Solar have massive front and back-end carbon footprints, involve earth-damaging processes to make products that are all but unrecyclable, and create toxic waste.

Maybe Exxon-Mobile can sue Vermont, which has dumped more than a few tax dollars on these projects across the state. Why are you not warning people of the dangers of these “solutions”?

That won’t happen. Many of these energy giants are diversified across the spectrum, looking at ways to protect their market share in response to the political wind, but it would be fun to watch.

And while I don’t expect that, I do expect them to come up with something clever to embarrass the state.

I don’t think Vermont will win, not will this get too far, but I can see what they are after. If they can get an acknowledgment of harm, the entire exercise that began with the UCS confab has a leg on which to stand, and suits will pop up like weeds in the summertime.

The result will not be a safer, cleaner world but a dirtier, more expensive one that is a more difficult one in which to live. That is what socialism does, and while California and New York get a lot of credit for being very blue, Vermont is just as worse.

Don’t let the governor with the (R) after his name fool you.

The Green Mountain State is about as Blue as they get so perhaps someone should sue Vermont for the failures of their creeping democrat-socialism?

At the very least get a warning or disclaimer attached to it.