Bet You Didn't Hear This - New York's Hinkey Climate Lawsuit Against Exxon has Been Dismissed - Granite Grok

Bet You Didn’t Hear This – New York’s Hinkey Climate Lawsuit Against Exxon has Been Dismissed


Back in 2016, left-wing environmental groups and their wealthy donors teamed up with like-minded attorneys general. Together they formulated a plan. Use the force of law to silence dissent: Sue climate deniers. The bigger, the better.

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Back in 2016 (the Union of Concerned Scientists) UCS hosted a secret event at Harvard. Many State’s Attorneys Generals and staff got free freight to and fro. The purpose of the event was to strategize how to sue climate deniers. Jackpot justice scenarios (like this one). Where states could collect big payouts from oil or gas companies. Free national earned media for the issue and the suit. Significant exposure for AG’s and their offices. With the aid of private climate-justice attorneys strategically placed in AG’s offices.

Much like the Big Left-wing donors’ effort in the previous decade to buy elections for far-left secretaries of State (SoS), the same lot has been focused on State’s Attorneys General (AG) in recent years. The SoS can promote rules that legalize or at least hide election fraud. The AG can ignore or shelve criminal investigation or coerce criminal fraud. If you can’t beat ’em fix the game. 

Back in 2016, New York AG Eric Schneiderman was part of that conspiracy, alongside Al Gore. Schneiderman had to exit public life after it became public knowledge that this liberal lite liked to hit women. But the cause did not “exit” with him. The collusion between the green group and law enforcement would not go so easily into that prophesied, not so good, overheated, underwater night. Others assumed the mantle and a NY lawsuit against Exxon proceeded.

The Climate Cabal lost.

The point was to prove that Exxon deceived investors about the impact of climate change. Without even having to look at Barry and Michelle’s recent 11.x million dollar investment in beachfront property on a small (soon to be underwater?) island, the judge found no evidence that Exxon mislead anyone (unlike the Obamas).

“What the evidence at trial revealed is that Exxon Mobil executives and employees were uniformly committed to rigorously discharging their duties in the most comprehensive and meticulous manner possible,” Judge Barry Ostrager of Manhattan Supreme Court said.

I’d be surprised if you were aware of this victory. Unlike the Al Gore AG Press Conference that was hard to avoid, this has not gotten much play in the same media outlets. The NY AG still called it a win. She claims (after wasting millions on a political witch hunt) that the Oil giant was forced “to “answer publicly” about its decision-making related to climate change.”

She vows to continue the fight. Translation; waste other people’s money on her political priorities through abuse of power.

It’s good work if you can get it. There are plenty of left-wing a**holes with money to burn on pushing climate fraud to usher in an age American socialism in which they get to oligarchs until they don’t.

Even rich liberals are stupid.