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Media Dope Chris Cillizza Unintentionally Proves Why Almost No Needs to be Vaccinated Against COVID19

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Whenever I hear the name Chris Cillizza I think Chriszilla. A media monster that wrecks narratives unintentionally in the pursuit of anything but the truth. Take this gem, for example.

Care of AoSHQ.

Chris Cilliza on Vax Anger
Chris Cillizza is Angry…and Wrong.


I’m happy that you are not happy Chriszilla especially now that you’ve made a mockery of your false outrage. Almost nothing you have said makes any damn sense scientifically.

Unless your 9-year-old is obese and diabetic or has cancer (or some other serious comorbidity), they have more to fear from you than COIVD19. The demographic odds of that kid getting symptomatic COVID are already astronomically small. Hospitalization is extremely rare, and Death is even more unlikely.

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He could still get the flu just like any kid, but harm, physical or psychological, will more likely come from you being their parent.

As for the rest of the population, as we so often note, unless you are over 70 (even if we play along with your 90% vaccine lie), healthy people have less to fear from COVID than from one of the COVID vaccines.

The Data

Yesterday morning we ran the numbers for New Hampshire based on State Health Department Data (March  2020 to Present).


NH Covid data chart 9-10-21 pt 1
NH Covid data chart 9-10-21 pt 1


Anyone under 80 (which is past average life expectancy in the US) has better than 90% odds absent the vaccine (without any regard to available treatments other than the vaccine).

Sometimes you get the flu, and it’s a few days of blech, and sometimes it’s two weeks of “this kind of sucks.” That’s the flu. But it doesn’t kill you. It doesn’t take away your rights. It doesn’t threaten to blacklist you or not serve you or refuse to attend to your health.

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And it doesn’t make you take experimental drugs. People do those things – for political, not public health reasons.

The untold truth, certainly not told by the likes of Chriszilla, is that very few average healthy Americans who get this flu will need hospitalization, and even fewer will die.

Of those that do die, over 75% are obese.

COVID doesn’t give a crap about body positivity. It kills fatzilla dead, and that – in the current parlance – might be a public health crisis. More so now that medical professionals are increasingly reluctant to invite the specter of outrage that arises from daring to state a medical fact.

The overweight and obese are at significantly higher risk of health harm from many things, especially COVID19. Not a smear, not fat-shaming. It’s just a frikkin’ statistical fact. Refusing to admit it, warn them, prepare them, or allow them access to Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin is costing people who are a bit heavier than average their lives.

Scaring them away from it should be criminal.

And not just them.

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You are “killing people” to protect your pointless narrative you a**hole. We have people who need help but can’t get it, and healthy people getting vaccinated (because of your fear narratives) are being harmed or dying unnecessarily.

You are, Chriszilla, just another Ceaser Flickerman. You are Baghdad Bob. Your truth is on fire all around you, and all you can do is pretend to be angry and repeat BS with less than no context.

The vaccine is not 90% effective and is proven to fail almost completely after as few as five months, turning recipients into walking-talking pathogen spreaders who are causing positive case spikes in the damn summer when Flu was unheard of until morons like you became scions of public health wisdom.

Stop whining like a transgender schoolgirl who can’t scratch “her” itchy junk science because the narrative panties are all twisted.

It’s embarrassing except for this. You’ve convinced people to pay you a lot of money, so good on you – at least before the growing body count for which you are in part responsible.

No need to apologize because I know you still think you are correct, which is the biggest problem of all. You could be a watchdog on government and the growing public health tyranny, but you’ve chosen to be a lap dog instead. And it’s a great gig until the Left’s revolution actually arrives.

You’ll need to read a bit of actual history to see what happens next, but I think you’ll find it doesn’t end well for your ilk, and as much of a dope as you are, I still wouldn’t wish that upon you.